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    Accoya Tab CMYK NEWBritain’s longest established supplier of hardware and components for timber sash and casement windows, Mighton Products has added Accoya® wood beads to its range as well as becoming an approved supplier of Accoya coatings. These naturally insulating beads, offered in a choice of 6 profiles, are supplied in a natural finish and are available from stock in 3 metre lengths.

    Accoya® wood is a perfect material from which to manufacture windows and components as it is naturally insulating, Class 1 durable and dimensionally stable. Its stability means that coatings last longer and require less maintenance. Accoya® wood is FSC® certified and C2C Gold sustainability certified and shown through independent testing to be carbon negative when used in the manufacture of windows. Beads are especially prone to failure and those manufactured in Accoya® have shown to offer significant gains in durability compared with alternatives.

    Mighton’s Accoya® Beads and coatings are available online now and will be included for the first time in the company’s latest catalogue which is due out on April 1st. For a free copy email sales@mighton.co.uk, or telephone  +44 (0) 1223 497097 and speak to one Mighton’s team.


    rsz_demo_vanMighton Products has recently extended its customer service offering with the addition of two Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicles, one each to cover the North and South of England.

    Providing machinery demonstrations to customers, each van is also kitted out with a range of paint swatches and panels in a variety of types and colours to allow customers a first-hand look at the different finishes on offer from the Mighton Ultra range. Weather-stripping samples and a selection of beading options are also on display with the company’s own MightyBead® brand growing in popularity since starting the demos, as customers have been able to see for themselves its stellar performance when used in conjunction with a machinery demo from one of the knowledgeable Mighton team.

    With plans to add a third van to the fleet later this year, the company is keeping up with its growing customer demand after a wave of positive feedback from customers. Chairman Mike Derham explains: “The first van was bought at the back end of 2016 and high demand for the service meant that a second, larger van was recently purchased, which allows us to cover a much larger area. Feedback from the demonstrations and the products on display has so far been really positive, as many customers can’t always find the time to visit the Mighton premises. This service allows us to get to our customers quickly, and makes the buying process much more convenient for them.”

    Mike adds: “The machinery demos are available to customers by appointment, either at home or work, and because both vans each have their own independent power supply via a generator and compressor, it eliminates the need for us to connect to a mains supply at a client’s premises, making it much more time-efficient and hassle-free.

    To find out more or make an appointment, call the Mighton Products team on +44 (0) 1223 902 455 or visit www.mightonproducts.com.


    Mighton Products is set to make its catwalk debut at a prestigious London fashion show on 18th May, thanks to an unusual request for clothing materials from a student studying at Central Saint Martins College.

    Student, Harry Gibbs, who is in his final year at the renowned arts college, was researching alternative materials for the university’s end of year runway show, when he stumbled across Mighton’s stainless steel sash chain. After originally planning to use the sash chain for jewellery, he actually ended up creating a full outfit from the product, and contacted the hardware specialist with a request for sponsorship in order to help him realise the designs.

    As the UK’s longest established sash window hardware specialist, and a company that prides itself on its excellent customer service, Mighton Products is used to going the extra mile in order to keep its new and existing clients happy – and while Harry’s appeal was definitely one of the most bizarre to ever land in the company’s inbox – arrangements were made to supply a total of eight 15m rolls of sash chain to help with his project.

    Mighton’s Kelly Softley said: “We are used to dealing with all kinds of requests, from businesses of all sizes, and we’re extremely proud not just of our market leading products, but our world class service as well. With that in mind this is definitely the first time we – or anyone in the industry for that matter – have been asked to contribute to a fashion show, but after considering Harry’s request and realising the effort and dedication he’d put in to his work, we were only too happy to help.”

    Harry’s garments, which will take around 70 hours in total to complete, will be part of the Central Saint Martins College fashion show – an event that’s previously been judged by the likes of Celine and Luis Vuitton and covered by Vogue – and will be exhibited by the University as part of a degree show attended by around 75,000 people.

    Established in 1983, Mighton Products manufactures and distributes products specially designed for timber sash and casement windows. As the UK's oldest established sash window hardware specialist, it offers a comprehensive range of over 2,000 high quality sash, casement and door products.


    The rsz__mg_6117owners of period properties can be the toughest to please. So offer them the right products from the start, says Mike Derham of traditional hardware specialist Mighton Products.

    Ownership of a period property in itself requires a certain mindset. Following their heart’s desire to live in a building that they believe to be more characterful than more modern buildings often despite inconveniences, buyers of such properties are often obsessively committed to authenticity.

    Such zeal means that anything other than authentic materials, finishes and high quality fittings will not pass muster with the homeowner; the best way to prepare for such encounters is to offer the very best products available. Simply put, in this world, quality pays.


    At Mighton Products whilst we supply hardware – and dammed good stuff too – for PVC-U casement and especially sash windows - our world is still dominated by timber. Which inevitably is what most owners of period or heritage properties will insist upon. And if you have a reasonable number of heritage homes in your area then if you don’t gear up properly to supply them then you might as well not bother at all.

    We have been specialising in this elevated sector for some years and are well established as the market leader. So we are reasonably well placed to offer a few words of wisdom:

    • Knowledge is power! Prepare yourself – study the area through the Internet, the local library and research the history of properties including the architects and builders if available. Also make a study of the building types, periods and style of construction. Visit areas with a preponderance of period buildings and note the characteristics, learn if buildings and areas are listed and what that actually implies. Also, are buildings and areas subject to conservation restrictions?
    • Not always but usually, the best material for genuine heritage buildings is timber. Many listed properties, especially in London, are encouraged to refurbish original windows for as long as possible before replacing them altogether, so when they are replaced they have to be superseded by a like for like product. Like for like usually means wood.
    • It used to be that timber sash windows were not as efficient as their PVC-U counterparts when it came to elements such as draft proofing and insulation, but that is no longer the case. Modern versions not only perform better than ever before on a number of levels but have evolved to do so without interfering with the look or the operation of the window.
    • Zealous owners may feel they have to accept high maintenance with timber frames but these days, with the right finishing treatment this need not be an issue. Water based alkaloid paints and modern stains are readily available and are highly effective in making timber window maintenance a much easier and far less recurrent task – maybe every 7-10 years only. Using wood/plastic composite beading is also a great way to guard against the upkeep of wood windows. These are usually one of the first parts of the window to rot or show their age, but using a wood composite version guards against rotting and premature replacement. These can be found with 20-30 year guarantees and are a low cost way of maintaining a quality finish.
    • A crucial consideration is the hardware, the cost of which should always be relative to the cost and quality of the window. Some installers might be tempted to present inferior or inappropriate hardware but being caught out will be worse than being caught kicking the owner’s puppy. The hardware tends to be the cheaper part of any installation so why do a disservice to an £800 to £2000 window by installing poor hardware? The savings are usually so minimal but the negative impact it has on the quality of finish required for any heritage project will be profound.
    • Although the purist will never countenance the installation of replica heritage frames in PVC-U they are becoming increasingly convincing. But when it comes to making them look like wood there are always telltale signs that a canny customer looking for authenticity will be aware of. A real timber frame is actually smooth and those that know what they are looking for will pick up on this. The grain effect foils on the PVC windows can look very good, but if true authenticity is what the customer is aiming for, nothing can beat the real thing.

    In summary, when selling in heritage and conservation areas knowledge is everything! Prepare, and also get the backing of suppliers that know the business and can offer you sound and dependable advice.


    rsz_istock_000016739486largeMike Derham, Chairman of Mighton Products, highlights the potential dangers to young children and toddlers of open windows, and how the Angel Ventlock® has been designed to offer a simple, effective and secure solution.

    There is no time in life when curiosity is more powerful than in early childhood. The world of a young child is full of new experiences; new people to meet, food to eat, games to play and places to explore. All of which can be hugely exciting for both toddlers and parents alike, although, for the parents, the thrill of watching their offspring discover the world around them, can often be offset by the constant challenge of ensuring that they do so in as safe an environment as possible.

    Young children will unwittingly be attracted to all sorts of hazards – that is just a fact of life. And while it’s second nature these days to invest in a wide range of products to help protect them from serious injury – such as car seats, stair gates and even covers for electrical sockets or adhesive foam padding for sharp corners – many parents are still unaware of the dangers presented by windows.

    Every year, for instance, approximately 4,000 children are injured due to open windows and tragically, 15-20 are killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 80% of those injured are under the age of four, a statistic that highlights the fact that children are simply unaware of the potential dangers of windows, and that while you can take some preventative measures to protect them, there’s always a risk that they will hurt themselves unless they’re under constant supervision.

    There is, however, one way to ensure they remain safe and that’s to fit a window opening controlled device, such as the Angel Ventlock®; a low cost, yet incredibly effective solution that does not detract from the aesthetics or overall functionality of a window, but one that can either be easily integrated by a manufacturer, or retro-fitted in just a matter of minutes, to give homeowners, parents and guardians complete peace of mind that the young children in their care are properly safeguarded.

    The idea for the Angel Ventlock® came about following a customer query made at a Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) event in the states, where Mighton was exhibiting. The customer in question had been looking at a regular Mighton Ventlock® product, one that had been available for the last 30 years, and queried whether it met standards set out by US building codes. As a result of this enquiry, the team at Mighton ended up working on the ASTM Sub-Committee to develop new standards of safety, work that ultimately resulted in the introduction of ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010, a specification that established the installation, safety, performance and labelling requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and death associated with accidental falls from windows by children aged 6 and younger.

    This development, which was designed by Mighton 10 years ago, also led to the introduction of compliant window restrictors that are now sold to some of the largest window companies in the world.

    Engineered to meet both US safety standards and UK standard Building Regulations the Angel Ventlock® incorporates a patented design that is compatible with standards set out by the new building codes, as well as similar escape and rescue standards in the US. This unique design also means that children aged six and above should be able to operate the lock unaided in case of emergencies, such as a house fire. This feature has been tested by various focus groups and highlights the fact that the Angel Ventlock® might have been designed to be child proof, but it’s certainly not adult proof! Angel Ventlock® has been tested as a key component of windows that have passed PAS24:2016 and as such are included in the list of hardware on the Mighton Secured By Design License.

    Originally designed for traditional sash windows, with a either a face or side fix option that is fitted into the stiles of the top sash, as well as retro-fit versions, and even a Mini Angel for use on PVC, aluminium and fibreglass double and single hung sashes, “We have continued to develop the Angel Ventlock since it went on sale in 2009, and now offer solutions for both sliding and casement windows.“

    These days, modern windows are engineered to be increasingly stylish, energy efficient and even secure from break-ins. With an Angel Ventlock®, manufacturers and homeowners have the option to add to those features, with an easy to fit, highly effective and value adding product that at the very least will provide utmost peace of mind – and could even mean the difference between a happy childhood, or one that’s marred by a preventable tragedy.

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