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Introduction to sash balances

The alternative to weights and pulleys

Although thought of as a modern invention, balances (sometimes known as springs) were actually Invented in 1932. Spiral balances have evolved into the most reliable of all the balance systems. With a huge weight range of between 10lbs (4.55 kg) and 99lbs + (45.45 kg) per sash and varying from 8″ to 51″ in length, they cover every conceivable Sash window size. Sold in pairs, we supply all our balances with the necessary fixings included in the price. All are suitable for both Timber, aluminium and PVC Windows, they can be housed in the sash or the frame where appropriate. The most reliable balances on the market, all Mighton sash balances have been tested to 20,000 cycles and come with our unique 20 year guarantee. Balances come in 2 varieties, single spring (D4 & D6 standard balances) and double spring (Easylift balances).

Single Spring Spiral Balances

Available in 2 weight ranges

Adjustable from 10lbs to 29lbs (D4) and from 30lbs to 39lbs (D6)

They are available from stock in 1″ increments from 8″ to 51″ long, so will balance windows with an overall height of between 18″ and 102″. These are our most cost effective type of spiral balance.

Twin Spring Easylift Balances

The outer spring in our Easylift balances provides the lift, while the inner spring gives the 10lb weight adjustment unique to Mighton in the UK. Easylift balances are available from 8″ to 51″ long in 1″ increments and will lift windows from 10lbs to 99lbs sash weights.

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