Staff & Parting Beads

If you’re thinking about installing or replacing sash windows, or even simply refurbishing your current windows, then you can achieve a traditional style by using the range of quality timber staff and parting beads available from Mighton Products.

These will help you achieve a desired classic aesthetic while also implementing the standards that have kept sash windows popular and effective for over 300 years.

All of Mighton’s timber staff beads and parting beads are 3m long, except for the timber staff beads with standard weatherstrip which measures 2.4m. These are all long enough to fit the majority of sash windows. Various widths and heights are available along with a choice of primed and unprimed finishes. The higher the quantity ordered, the cheaper timber parting and staff beads become. A good time to order is when a big project is underway with more than one window needing to be repaired or installed.

In order to get the best results from timber parting beads it is important to take great care of them and your entire sash window. Apply a good protective coat of wood filler if needed and protective paint and install new staff beads carefully and correctly to avoid future problems.

Every timber staff and parting bead purchased comes with a free 5.5mm brush. If you’re unsure of the right size you require then call us for friendly advice on 01223 497097 or request a free sample.

Heritage Range

  • Free 5.5mm professional-quality brushpile fitted
  • Available in a white primed or natural finish in 3m lengths
  • No plastic carrier fitted - Perfect for heritage applications

Carrier Range

  • FSC® Certified Product and free samples are available
  • Available in a white primed finish and lengths of 3m
  • Plastic carrier included allowing for easy installation or removal of the brushpile

Composite Range

  • Use traditional tools, pins and water based adhesives to cut, drill and fix
  • Blend of PVC and FSC® Certified wood fibres for durable performance
  • Minimal thermal expansion and contraction