Weatherseals & Aquamac

You’ll find a variety of weatherseals stocked at Mighton, including our MightySeal® range, Aquarius and Schlegel’s Aquamac range.

Mighton MightySeal® is a versatile high performance foamed weatherseal with resilient HDPE bonded to a polyurethane core, utilising a PP insert to allow for easy insertion. Unaffected by low temperatures, rot or stain, it’s even UV resistant.

The Aquarius range from Mighton returns to it’s original shape following compression and is unaffected by temperature variance – giving it unrivalled thermal performance.

The main benefits of Schlegel Weatherseals are that they provide excellent memory, stability and outstanding acoustics performance. They’re paint and stain proof which means they are unaffected if you accidentally paint over them during refurbishment.

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