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A no-compromise solution in listed vicarage conversion

When a bespoke joiner was called on to create a door to replace an existing heritage window, as part of the restoration of a listed former vicarage in York, it was clear that no element of it could be achieved with an off-the-shelf solution.

The door not only had to be specially made to function in the original brickwork that had housed the window but it also had to match perfectly with an existing door nearby – and both the archetypally classical setting and the building’s listed status meant this had to be achieved without compromise.

A large part of that challenge was to find a paint not only durable enough to maintain appearance and weather resistance but from a manufacturer with the capacity to create a bespoke colour and perfect visual match. The solution was Modifica QD from Mighton Ankerstuy, a quick drying coating that was designed with factory finishing in mind for Accoya as well as conventional timber.

The door itself had to be designed from scratch to function in what had been a window frame, as Robert Bailey-Hague MD of Bailey-Hague Joinery explained: “The frame had to be made specially in sections for the doors to open out fully without protruding brickwork getting in the way. It also had to match the existing door, including making the Georgian bars so that they were aligned with each other.

Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “Mighton Ankerstuy QD is ideal for factory finishing because it can be touch-dry within an hour in the right conditions. That is a significant advantage over conventional coatings, especially with such a bespoke design.

“We also take great pride in our colour matching facility and this application clearly shows that there is no need for a coater to compromise with an off-the-shelf colour if it would not provide the perfect end result.”

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