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Removing the Sash Weights

Removing the weights from the sash isn’t a job that needs doing regularly, but there are times when you might need to remove the weights from their concealed position within the window frame.

The most common reason to remove the weights is that they are no longer the correct weight for the window. This can happen if the sashes have had a layer of secondary glazing added, or many layers of paint over time which have changed the balance of the window.

How to Remove the Weights

Within a typical sash window structure there will be four sash weights used: two weights for the upper sash, and two weights for the lower sash. Each sash will have a weight on each side of the frame.

To remove the weights, simply pry off the ‘pocket’ cover, which is at the bottom of each side of the window frame. You will only be able to access the pocket once you’ve completed previous steps to remove staff or parting beads and the sashes themselves – click here for a write up of how to do this.

Once the pocket cover has been removed, you will find two sash weights hanging in place, which if their sash cord is pulled move up and down inside the window frame. To avoid the weights getting tangled they are separated by a piece of wood which runs up and down the cavity, this is commonly known as the wag tail.  Take care not to damage or remove the wag tail as this is an essential feature of the window’s structure.

You can simply pull each weight out of the cavity through the pocket section once the cover has been removed, bringing the sash cord all the way through too.

For a visual illustration of how to remove the sash weights, take a look at the video on the Mighton TV page. Once the weights are removed, it’s time to look at how to put all the components of the window back together. Check back next month for ‘How to Put the Sash Window Back Together.’