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Hope 66 attracts local TV coverage

Hope 66 team have been attracting lots of local interest so far on the trip. It’s just not usual to see groups of people all in the same gear cycling long distances in this vast country, so people are naturally curious.Yesterday and this morning we had TV crews interviewing the team and filming as the first team set off from their hotel at Joplin, Missouri. See it here.

The cycling has been tough for the last couple of days as we’ve travelled from Springfield to Joplin, and then from Joplin to tonight’s stop at Edmond, Oklahoma. The guys have put a lot of effort into training over the past few months, but nothing could have prepared them fully for the heat of today – close to 100 degrees and very little tree cover. For the support crews it’s been a case of keeping the riders well stocked with fluids, recovery drinks, and even ice lollies.

There was no DOD vote last night, but the day before the award went to Paul Godwin for talking too much and wearing flowery shorts in the evening instead of team kit. As it stands, Team Hope 66 has raised an amazing £106,807 and the figure is climbing so thanks to all our supporters back home.