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Art with Mighton Ankerstuy

Independent cabinet-maker-turned-artist Rob Bishop recently tested out the Mighton Ankerstuy coatings range for some new artwork pieces, and was more than impressed with the results. Created at his Hertfordshire-based workshop, Rob’s unique style of artwork is formed using a method that combines digital art with wood work and painting. Each piece, including a bespoke wooden frame, is created in its entirety from scratch with multiple layers of wood stain applied in order to produce a unique outcome every time.

“With my style of art I have tried and tested many different brands of coatings, but after using Mighton’s water-based range I found it works a lot better than others I have experimented with in the past,” explained Rob, “Mighton’s range is particularly suitable for my work on both the frame and the artwork itself as it has a great consistency and ease of application. This allows me to spray a good coat to a frame that is hanging from the rack, without the fear of it running. Drying times are also perfect and, as a result, this has given my pieces a high standard of finish.”

In 2015 Rob was signed by a major art publishing house within weeks of his first gallery appearance, however in 2017 he decided to work as an independent artist which has allowed him to take full control of his work and be selective with what galleries he exclusively displays in.

Offering ease and consistency of application, fast drying times, exceptional durability and sustainable performance, the range received such an encouraging response following its launch that it has recently been expanded to offer both interior and exterior finishes.

Rob‘s artwork can be found in a select number of UK galleries. To find out more or to contact Rob regarding commission pieces, visit