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Improve our homes security with the right locks

There are many things that homeowners like to do in order to improve the beauty or function of their home. For some this may be the installation of a conservatory, the addition of a garage or the conversion of a loft into a bedroom. There are no right or wrong, better or worse, ways to improve your home and each person will have different views as to which is the most important. However, all homeowners will agree that the most important thing a home should be is safe and secure yet many people will be unaware of just how vulnerable their home is. This article will look at some of the biggest security threats that our home faces and suggest ways of improving and strengthening your home.

While the issue this article discusses is a serious one, it is not something that you should be immediately be overwhelmingly concerned by. Instead this issue is one that has existed for and been known about for some time yet awareness amongst consumers have never really been that high. The security issue at hand is the ability for many types of front door locks to be snapped and then opened very quickly with relatively cheap tools. This effectively means that no matter how secure your door or locking system is if the lock cylinder itself is not protected, the door can easily be breached. As a lock is such a small component of a door, many homeowners fail to realise that not all locks are built to the same quality or specification but fortunately solutions are both plentiful and inexpensive.

The way to avoid having your lock snapped and tampered with is to install ABS locks in place of your old, vulnerable cylinder locks. The ABS lock is a purposely designed, high security system that avoids many of the pitfalls of conventional locks. Although they are described as anti snap locks, they are in fact designed to snap in a specific place with a secondary mechanism used to protect the internal workings of the lock. There are many secondary benefits to the installation of ABS locks, for instance they can be configured to use one key for multiple locks which means you can easily get in both the front and back door. Furthermore the keys for the locks are registered to specific addresses and cannot be copied without the use of a special code, which adds to the brilliant security benefits of these locks.