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Weatherproof those Draughty Sash Windows

Winter is now well on its way. It’s time to weatherproof those draughty sash windows to prevent cold winds blowing in and to reduce your energy bills!

Here are our top 5 products for reducing drafts:


Mighton MightySeal® is a versatile high performance foamed weatherseal with resilient HDPE bonded to a polyurethane core, utilising a PP insert to allow for easy insertion. Unaffected by low temperatures, rot or stain, it’s even UV resistant. It has a high bond self-adhesive mesh making it easy to apply…simply peel and stick!

  • Most suitable for retrofit where its not practical to groove out
  • Impervious to paint and stain
  • High wear and tear resistance
  • Excellent performance over a wide temperature range
  • Unaffected by rot, mould or mildew
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Excellent recovery from compressed state

2.Timber Staff & Parting Beads 

Our weatherstripping, staff and parting bead varieties help to create a seal around your windows preventing heat from escaping and improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. All of which can be installed easily with the minimum of fuss.
At Mighton we stock a large range of plastic and primed timber weatherstripping, staff and parting bead products that are ideal when installing, refurbishing or repairing timber sash and casement windows. Our range includes parting beads, staff beads, brush seals, brush carriers, weatherstripping and the usual furnature and sash pulleys.
For added convenience, drawings of all section sizes are available to view or download on each individual product page.

3. EcoBrush

Our Ecobrush is a cost effective and easy way to weatherproof your home. Simply peel and stick! Ecobrush is ideal for both weather-proofing and taking the rattle out of your sash windows as it can be used at the meeting rail as well as on the top and bottom of the sashes.

 4. PVC Meeting Rail Interlock Seal

Our PVC Meeting Rail Interlock will help minimise draught and provide a positive seal. It comes with Mighton’s 5.5mm bruspile (supplied loose). This product is perfect for sash window renovation or new build work and can be used in conjunction with our other weatherproofing products.
Both the rail and the brush pile are UV stable, water repellent and weather resistant.

5. PVC Parting Bead

Our one piece Parting Bead weatherstrips both top and bottom sashes. It looks exactly like traditional Parting Bead, the fins are almost undetectable when installed. Due to it being made from UV-Stabilised PVC it will never rot and is unaffected by accidental contact with paint. It is available in white and comes in two sizes ‘Normal’ or ‘Wide’. PVC Parting Bead can be used in new work or refurbishment jobs.

If you need any help choosing the right products for your sash windows please give us a call on 01223 497097.