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Creating the perfect sash window takes a lot of time, effort and skill so it is important that the materials used in the manufacturing process are of great quality. While this is often true for the wood and glass that is used in sash windows, not all fabricators use the best window hardware such as sash balances or sash cord.

These two components, while hidden, are actually two of the most important elements of any high quality sash window. Cheap sash cord for instance will stretch over time meaning the sash will not open correctly; at Mighton we only sell the very finest quality pre-stretched nylon sash cord. This ensures that it will not become slack over time and your customers will get the same smooth sash operation time after time for many years.

The use poor quality sash balances can also seriously affect the operation of a sash window as spiral balances stretch out of shape over many uses. It can also be hard to choose the right sash balance for each installation due to the numerous elements that must be considered when selecting its size. In order to give fabricators no excuse for not using the finest Mighton sash balances we have created an online ordering system for ordering sash balances that makes it incredibly simple and quick to get what you need.

Ultimately the most important aspect of any sash window installation is the effect that it has on home window security. A sash window that does not sue the best possible hardware will always be compromising on its ability to protect the home. Using the best possible products such as the Mighton Securibead will ensure that the bottom sash cannot be easily removed for quick entry into a home. Remember that if you want to buy it once, buy it Mighton.