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Introduction to sash weights

Steel Sash Weights

Designed to replicate traditional cast iron weights, our Steel weights come with a hole in the top for the sash cord to pass through and a larger hole in the side to accommodate the knot. As square steel weights are more dense than their round Cast Iron counterparts you can squeeze more weight into your window box allowing you to compensate for heavier sashes.

We stock Steel weights in 1lb increments across 3 section sizes from 6lb to 40lb, allowing you to select the weights you need without having to cut them down.

We have been selling Steel weights for over 25 years and are confident that they can be used in 95% of all new and refurbishment projects. If you are unsure, ring us for advice.

All of sizes are in stock and can be delivered overnight.

Lead Sash Weights

25 years ago Mighton Products developed the format that lead weights are manufactured in today. Namely, in 600mm lengths and 6 section sizes.

As Lead is significantly more expensive (but dense) than Steel or Cast Iron, we recommend that Lead weights should only be used when Steel or Cast Iron weights won’t work for you. This can happen if, for example you need to increase the weight in the sash boxes to counter-balance thicker glass or double glazed units.

It can also happen when the size of the brick reveal has limited the size of the sash weight box.

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