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  • A clear and present danger to children in your home

    Falls from windows account for over a half of all domestic accidents involving children.

    We all know about stair gates and child-resistant catches and even the basics like keeping things out of reach for children, but your windows can be a potentially lethal hazard to small children.

    We spoke to Katie, a mother of two children under 3 year olds:

    I really thought my home was completely child safe, but a friend recently told me how dangerous windows can be for young children. It just never crossed my mind. My two are always curious and like most mums, I need eyes in the back of my head. Although my sash windows are heavy, I’ve often been surprised how determined my children are and just how often I tend to leave my windows open.

    It’s a sad fact that falls from windows are the 2nd most common cause of accidental deaths. (World Health Organisation)

    Falls from windows account for over a half of all domestic accidents involving children. In fact, they are the 2nd most common cause of accidental deaths according to the World Health Organisation. Falls from windows are often considered freak accidents, but they’re far more common than you think. Statistically, 1 child under 5 years old is admitted to hospital every day after falling from a building. (Child Accident Prevention Trust) However, there’s a really simple and cheap solution that doesn’t involve constant supervision.

    It’s quite understandable why young children are susceptible to falls from windows. Naturally, they are curious and have no real understanding of the dangers that even everyday objects can represent. Plus, it’s actually much easier for children to fall out of windows than adults. Not only are young children naturally smaller, but as their heads are proportionally larger, their centre of gravity makes it much easier to accidentally topple out of an open window.

    Mighton Products Limited are the UK's oldest established sash window hardware specialist. Mike Derham, founder of Mighton and a grandfather, explains the best way to prevent windows from becoming a safety hazard at home is simply to fit window safety devices. It seems obvious enough but what are they and how do they work?

    Typically, you might think of large window guards or screens, but you also want something that is unobtrusive, does not affect the operation of your window, is easy to work and above all that is proven, tried and tested.

    Mike adds:

    At Mighton, we decided to engineer a window restrictor that can save lives. We needed something that was simple to use, easy to install, and ultimately works all the time.  As a grandfather and an engineer I wanted to invent something that could protect my grandchildren, can be easily used and is accessible to families across the world.

    What is The Angel Ventlock?

    When it comes to using the Angel Ventlock®, it couldn’t be easier. There are no special techniques, processes, tools, or keys. You can have complete peace of mind that your windows are safe and secure at the simple push of a button.

    The Angel Ventlock® limits the sash window opening to100mm (4 inches) without compromising the emergency exit. The lock is designed so that children under 5 can’t release it, but for anyone else, it’s simple and easy, which is absolutely vital in an emergency situation. The great thing about the Angel Ventlock® is you don’t even have to think about re-engaging the lock – it’s all automatic.

    Safety doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics or the normal operation of the window. The Angel Ventlock® doesn’t interfere with your window’s normal function or looks. There is also a range of different finishes and types of fixing to suit most windows. The Angel Ventlock® is also easily retrofittable ensuring your existing windows can become safe immediately.

    Don’t compromise on standards

    The Angel Ventlock® is used by the world’s largest window companies and is protected by a registered Trademark in the USA, United Kingdom and the European Union.

    Most restrictors on sale do not conform to the European BS EN14351-1:2006 standard and the global ASTM F2090-17 standard. It’s also important to understand that ‘security restrictors’ and ‘window locks’ are not safety devices. Angel Ventlock® is not only totally compliant with the European and global standards but is also a security device as well as a safety device.

    When it comes to your children’s or grandchildren’s safety, risks just aren’t worth taking. The Angel Ventlock® makes complete sense all round. This award-winning product is also accredited by ‘Secured by Design’ – the official Police security initiative






    Other tips to keep our children safe around Windows?

    Here are some top tips that can help you keep your children safe at home:

    1. Supervise your children as they play
    2. Teach your children not to play near windows
    3. Close and lock your windows when children are around
    4. Only open windows that children can’t reach, or secure them with compliant locks, such as the Angel Ventlock®
    5. Keep beds, furniture and anything children can climb on away from windows
    6. Don’t depend on insect screens and curtains to prevent falls – they’re not designed for this
    7. Repair broken windows as soon as possible
    8. Open windows from the top
    9. Install child safety devices that comply with high safety standards, such as the Angel Ventlock®
    10. Never leave young children unattended near open windows

    Child window safety is no accident

    Accidents can happen very quickly and having eyes everywhere all the time is practically impossible. Choosing Angel Ventlock® provides the reassurance that every parent or carer wants – it was literally designed to save lives.

    Ask for the Angel Ventlock® by choice.

    For more information about Angel Ventlock® specification and range visit www.mightonproducts.com



  • Regal Standards At The Goring Hotel, Belgravia SW1W

    Wandsworth Sash Windows (WSW) manufacture and install bespoke windows , doors, shutters, and all types of joinery. They also take on major building works and complete all the required construction from start to finish. As a South London sash window company, WSW regularly work across London, the home counties and the south of England. WSW hand make their own products to ensure they are of the very highest quality, and to achieve a perfect fit.

    When WSW London were called on to replace 25 sash windows at the luxury 5-star Goring Hotel in Belgravia, it was clear from the off that only quality craftmanship and a top-class work ethic would be good enough to achieve the required results.  After all, The Goring is particularly well known for famously hosting The Duchess of Cambridge and her family the night before her Royal wedding back in 2011.

    Most of the windows required a complex 6 over 6 design which Wandsworth's team of expert crafters were easily able to hand produce in their East Sussex workshop.  WSW were approached to supply timber staff and parting beads, ironmongery and weights for this installation.  Due to the exacting standards of the client WSW were confident that they could deliver the products as needed.  Mighton are regular suppliers to WSW and are always able to source and supply what is needed quickly to help keep their jobs on track.  Working in a busy hotel where disruption needed to be kept to an absolute minimum brought with it a few challenges:

    - Works had to keep to the schedule organised with the managerial staff and main contractor

    - Work was required to stop when hotel guests walked past

    - The service lift was used to move materials

    - At the end of every day the working area needed to be tidied to ensure nothing was left behind overnight

    These challenges meant it was important for WSW to recoup precious time by using suppliers they trust to deliver quality products and deliver them quickly and efficiently to ensure the work is completed within the timescale required by The Goring. Goods were supplied quickly, efficiently and as ordered. The high quality of Mighton hardware is known throughout the industry and meant that Mighton was the only choice or partner that WSW would consider.  Mighton were proud to be part of such a successful project.


  • Mighton Presented with World First BSI Internet Security Certificate for Avia Secure Smart Lock

    Mighton has been officially presented with a certificate from the British Standards Institution (BSI) in recognition of achieving the Government’s Code of Practice for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) security for its Avia Apple HomeKit smart lock – the first ever product of any kind to receive the ETSI TS 103 645 accreditation.

    The Code of Practice, which is recognised internationally, was introduced by the UK Government in October 2018, in response to growing concern about the cyber security of smart enabled devices in the home. Not only does the standard help to ensure the privacy and security of consumers when using their smart home products, it is also designed to prevent the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are launched from poorly secured IoT devices.

    Mighton’s chairman, Mike Derham, and marketing director, Jim Herrington, received the award from the BSI’s global digital and connected product certification director, David Mudd; BSI UK & Ireland managing director, Anne Scorey; and IoT business development manager, Stephen Thomas. David Mudd commented: “Well done to Mighton Products for achieving compliance to the first globally-applicable standard for consumer IoT security. Best practice is more than just good encryption, strong passwords and addressing other system design issues, it’s also about responsible disclosure, software support and effective user guidance. It’s great to see companies taking this fully on board.”

    Avia – which carries PAS 24 accreditation and features 256-bit data encryption for enhanced security – is the first Apple HomeKit lever operated smart multipoint lock. Available to UK trade customers exclusively through hardware distributor, Mila, it is a ‘full function’ lock that can be controlled using iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, keypad and fob, combined with the peace of mind of a traditional key and TS 007 3-star cylinder. Access via facial recognition is another exciting innovation that can be activated by an optional accessory.

    Once connected to the highly secure and stable Apple HomeKit platform, homeowners can check on the status of their entrance door via the Avia app, including a full audit trail that records all activity, and can also extend and control access to additional users – for example service providers – from anywhere in the world.

  • Improve your Homes Safety with Mighton's Angel Ventlock®

    Mike, our Chairman of Mighton Products, highlights the potential dangers to young children and toddlers of open windows, and how the Angel Ventlock® has been designed to offer a simple, effective and secure solution.

    There is no time in life when curiosity is more powerful than in early childhood. The world of a young child is full of new experiences; new people to meet, food to eat, games to play and places to explore. All of which can be hugely exciting for both toddlers and parents alike, although, for the parents, the thrill of watching their offspring discover the world around them, can often be offset by the constant challenge of ensuring that they do so in as safe an environment as possible.

    Young children will unwittingly be attracted to all sorts of hazards – that is just a fact of life. And while it’s second nature these days to invest in a wide range of products to help protect them from serious injury – such as car seats, stair gates and even covers for electrical sockets or adhesive foam padding for sharp corners – many parents are still unaware of the dangers presented by windows.

    Every year, for instance, approximately 4,000 children are injured due to open windows and tragically, 15-20 are killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 80% of those injured are under the age of four, a statistic that highlights the fact that children are simply unaware of the potential dangers of windows, and that while you can take some preventative measures to protect them, there’s always a risk that they will hurt themselves unless they’re under constant supervision.

    There is, however, one way to ensure they remain safe and that’s to fit a window opening controlled device, such as the Angel Ventlock®; a low cost, yet incredibly effective solution that does not detract from the aesthetics or overall functionality of a window, but one that can either be easily integrated by a manufacturer, or retro-fitted in just a matter of minutes, to give homeowners, parents and guardians complete peace of mind that the young children in their care are properly safeguarded.

    The idea for the Angel Ventlock® came about following a customer query made at a Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) event in the states, where Mighton was exhibiting. The customer in question had been looking at a regular Mighton Ventlock® product, one that had been available for the last 30 years, and queried whether it met standards set out by US building codes. As a result of this enquiry, the team at Mighton ended up working on the ASTM Sub-Committee to develop new standards of safety, work that ultimately resulted in the introduction of ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010, a specification that established the installation, safety, performance and labelling requirements for devices intended to address the risk of injury and death associated with accidental falls from windows by children aged 6 and younger.

    This development, which was designed by Mighton 10 years ago, also led to the introduction of compliant window restrictors that are now sold to some of the largest window companies in the world.

    Engineered to meet both US safety standards and UK standard Building Regulations the Angel Ventlock® incorporates a patented design that is compatible with standards set out by the new building codes, as well as similar escape and rescue standards in the US. This unique design also means that children aged six and above should be able to operate the lock unaided in case of emergencies, such as a house fire. This feature has been tested by various focus groups and highlights the fact that the Angel Ventlock® might have been designed to be child proof, but it’s certainly not adult proof! Angel Ventlock® has been tested as a key component of windows that have passed PAS24:2016 and as such are included in the list of hardware on the Mighton Secured By Design License.

    Originally designed for traditional sash windows, with a either a face or side fix option that is fitted into the stiles of the top sash, as well as retro-fit versions, and even a Mini Angel for use on PVC, aluminium and fibreglass double and single hung sashes, “We have continued to develop the Angel Ventlock since it went on sale in 2009, and now offer solutions for both sliding and casement windows.“

    These days, modern windows are engineered to be increasingly stylish, energy efficient and even secure from break-ins. With an Angel Ventlock®, manufacturers and homeowners have the option to add to those features, with an easy to fit, highly effective and value adding product that at the very least will provide utmost peace of mind – and could even mean the difference between a happy childhood, or one that’s marred by a preventable tragedy.

  • Don't Spoil the Ship

    ….for a ha’porth of tar. This old adage about ruining a good product by being cheap with key components has never been more appropriate than with the new generation of timber windows, says Mighton’s Mike Derham.

    Anyone wandering around this year’s FIT Show could not help but notice the small, but significant presence of timber windows and in all frame styles, confirming their steady return to the home improvement sector.

    Under the unifying battle cry of ‘why install windows manufactured to look like wood, when you can have the real thing?’, the joinery industry believes that the self-inflicted demons that allowed the PVC-U replacement window sector to boom 40 years ago, are now firmly behind it, achieved through advances in timber preservation and joinery production technology.


    As well as quality, a number of other factors are in favour of a return of good quality, timber frames: time, in that many have simply forgotten the often appalling quality softwood frames that were once installed in new homes; and another is, ironically, that PVC-U and aluminium replacement windows and doors have now gone upmarket to meet the price points of timber, especially for those categorised as ‘Heritage’ styled frames. Thus, windows produced in all three framing materials may be presented to homeowners as options, with many who would choose timber if they could be assured of comparative performance.

    Quality is the key to the continued resurgence of timber frames as replacements: but installers buying frames in to offer to their increasingly well-educated and infirmed homeowner customers, should consider not just the manufacturer’s information about the frames, but to also look closely at the quality of the hardware.

    It is our experience from supplying the quality joinery industry with high quality fixings and hardware for 30 years, that despite the passion that often goes into the manufacture of traditional box sash frames, that some producers can be extraordinarily stingy when it comes to the key operating components of their product. The frames may last for years, but because they skimped on the hardware, failures – and consequent call-backs – occur.

    My worry is that with this renaissance of timber frames in the home improvement sector, the pressures of competition will lead producers to cut corners with the hardware, something that will be a huge mistake for products that are making such an impressive come back. Homeowners considering timber windows against alternatives in PVC-U and aluminium, will be doing so because they believe that they are buying and paying for the very best. Their decision will be based on the aesthetics of the timber but also in the overall product, which includes the visible fittings. It will also be based very much on the way the window operates, and whilst cheap hardware may stand the test when installed new in a showroom, any diminishment of performance will be become quickly noticeable when installed, by people that have paid for and expect the very best.

    A surprising number of manufacturers undermine their products – and potentially your reputation - by shortening the viable service life of their products with the installation of cheap hardware. This goes against every instinct that I have as a former manufacturer of timber box sash windows and surely, it makes no sense at all. Installers may make the assumption that as they are selling windows from an otherwise reputable manufacturer, then high quality hardware will, surely, be a given. Sadly that is not the case and the purpose of this editorial is to urge installers to be clear on the quality of the hardware installed. For it is your reputation that is at stake here and you that will pay for the call-backs when the hardware fails.

    Close attention to these details will save you a great deal of money; and ensure your reputation remains intact.


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