Mighton Sash Access System

Mighton Sash Access System

Designed by Mighton Products, this kit is sufficient for one sash window. It is aimed at the joinery business looking to introduce a sash removal system into their range or a professional sash restoration & replacement business. Please note this product is not a window and does not contain the timber elements of a window. It is a kit of parts that a window to be built or retro-fitted. Main features are below and you will find more information by scrollling down. Call us for further advice.

  • Suitable for factory manufacturing or retro-fit by a professional
  • Allows sashes to be lifted out of the window for cleaning or repair
  • Incorprates our popular PB2 Parting Bead
  • The Staff bead is reatined and swung out of the way using our Boston Hinges
  • Cord is held and released using our Cordclams – please note that the sash stiles require rebating to accept them
  • This system will work with a sash window height of 7′ (2.13m)
  • Fittings available in polished brass or polished chrome

£37.10 ex. VAT



The Mighton Sash Access System (SAS) consists of three products which combine to allow you to remove your sashes for ease of repair, restoration or cleaning. Crucial for upstairs windows for example. Being able to work on the sashes without expensive scaffold or even ripping the joinery apart saves everyone time and money. This kit is aimed at the joinery business lookig for an innovative solution to the problem of removing sashes on site. It can be factory fitted or retrofitted by a competent professional.

The kit consists of:


  • Unlock Boston Hingesž¢ and swing Staff Bead to one side
  • Release CordClamž¢ from fixed housing on both sides of bottom sash and raise to pulley position
  • Release top section of the two-part parting bead on both sides of window frame to reveal the top sash
  • Release CordClamž¢ from fixed housing on both sides of top sash and raise to pulley position
  • Window frame and sashes are now accessible for maintenance
  • Temporary working at heights directive
  • The whole window can be maintained from inside the building
  • Eliminates the need for scaffolding when painting & renovating




Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Polished Brass, Polished Chrome

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