Cordclam® Cord Retaining Cleat

Cordclam® Cord Retaining Cleat

Removing sashes is now a stress-free single-person operation

Builders and fitters will always prefer joinery fitted with Mighton Cordclams®

  • Works with our 6mm pre-stretched nylon cord only
  • Cordclam can be removed from its fixed housing to ease sash removal
  • Suitable for new windows or refurbishment work
  • Once closed the Cordclam® locks the cord in position
  • Maximum Sash Weight permissable per pair is 36kg / 80lb
  • Neater appearance and a more professional look
  • Two Cordclams® required per sash
  • Supplied in singles
  • Patent number 2465 975

£3.50 ex. VAT



Our Cordclam® makes sash removal much simpler and faster

Additional information

Product Code CORDCLAM
Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 2.1 × 1.7 cm