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Sash Window Weights

All of our sash window weights including lead, steel and stackable offer great value and are particularly cost effective. They’re also extremely practical as they can be used within, 95% of all sash windows, making them hugely popular.

Sash Window Weights

What is a Sash Weight?

A sash window weight is used to counter-balance the weight of a sliding sash in a sash window and thus hold it in position at any height.

Steel sash weights were designed by Mighton in 1985. As square steel weights are denser than their round cast iron counterparts, you can squeeze more weight into your window box allowing you to compensate for heavier sashes.

Mighton also developed the format that lead sash weights are manufactured to today. Namely in 600mm lengths and six section sizes.

Steel or Lead Weights?

Steel sash weights are a cheaper alternative to lead, however, sometimes lead needs to be used when there is not enough room in your box. Lead weights can easily be cut to size and have a hole running through the middle of the entire weight.

Mighton Sash Window  Weights – Always in stock, ready for sale & next day delivery direct to your home!

When choosing sash weights for any window repair or renovation project we recommend that you check your box size first and make sure the weights you have selected fit. Browse our full range which includes steel sash weights, lead sash weights, stackable weights and make-weights to find a ready-made solution

Mighton can calculate the weights needed for your windows by inputting your sash sizes into our handy sash weights calculator.

To avoid errors, please check the section sizes will fit your window box - or call us for advice on 0800 056 0471

Sash Window Weights