Lead Makeweights & Add-On Weights

Lead Makeweights & Add-On Weights

Lead Makeweights or Add-on weights are used to balance the sashes in a box sash window. If  sash is not perfectly balanced, simply slide one down the cord so it rests on top of your sash weights. By trimming the makeweight, you get the counterbalance perfect.

  • Cost effective way to build up sash window weights and fine-tune your sashes
  • 38mm Diameter in 0.5lb, 1lb and 2lb
  • 25mm Square in 1lb
  • 10mm hole, works with all of our sash cords
  • Lead can be sawn to length/weight using a fine toothed saw
  • Please observe relevant safety and materials handling guidelines at all times
  • Dispose of lead off-cuts in accordance with your local disposal facilities guidelines

Lead prices fluctuate according to trading on the London Metal Exchange (LME). As a result, we reserve the right to change our lead prices without notification

£2.00£4.20 ex. VAT


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