Cambridge/Meakins Sash Opener®

Cambridge/Meakins Sash Opener®

Our Cambridge Faster system kit allows the top sash to be operated remotely. Particularly useful where the sash is out of reach. Our system offers the following benefits.

  • Allows the top sash to be operated remotely, particularly useful where the window is out of reach
  • Windows can be locked in venting position by using the cord clutch
  • Easily fitted to new windows or refurbishment projects
  • Works with sashes that weigh up to 70lbs
  • More information and parts list further down the page
  • View the video of the system here Mighton Cambridge Fastener

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Our Cambridge Sash fastener® is a corded system designed to provide assistance in opening the top sash for venting etc. This is especially beneficial in the window is hard to reach or required effort to open.  Its traditional look complements rather than detracts form your sash windows natural beauty. The kit consits  a number of quality parts that can easily be fitted to existing sash windows by a competent professional or homeowner.

The kit consists of the following:

2 x Light handles
2 x Dark handles
2 x Pulleys
2 x Knot holders
1 x Assembly
1 x Rack
1 x Cord

View the video of the system here Mighton Cambridge Fastener


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