Combi Guide-Catch

Combi Guide-Catch

Guide-catches are used on tilting sash window to lock the sash in a vertical position. On a timber window, the product is rebated into the top of the sash top rails, one at either end and leaving the ends projecting. Sliding the button retracts the wedge shaped end allowing the sash to titl inward. On a PVCu window the unit is often fitted into a rebate in the plastic top rail. The Combi Guide-catch is a Mighton products design and combines the catch and the sliding button in one unit. Saving manufacturers time and money.

  • Body 109mm x 20mm x 9mm high
  • Button height 13mm
  • Wedge projection 13mm
  • Sold as a handed pair

£2.00 ex. VAT


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White, Brown