2″ Draught-Proof Pulley Cover

2″ Draught-Proof Pulley Cover

Mighton’s Draught-Proof Pulley Cover completely encloses the pulley, insulating against the draught with a combination of polyurethane foam and a multi-filament brush seal. The faom seals around the the pulleys perimeter and the brushpile seals around the cord hole preventing draughts from the sash boxes entering the room. Easy to fit to new and existing windows, no silicon sealants or extra weather-stripping required. Just remove or replace your pulleys with our 2″ sash pulley, clip it to the pulley and replace  – simple.

  • Works with our range of 2″ wheel diameter pulleys only
  • Simple to fit to new and existing windows – no specialist tools needed
  • Durable hard-wearing plastic
  • Foam seals rear of pulley faceplate
  • Brushpile prevents draughts from the cord hole

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