Timbabuild Ehb60 4 Hour High-Build Epoxy

Timbabuild Ehb60 4 Hour High-Build Epoxy

Timbabuild EHB60 4 Hour cure formula for large scale, same-day repair & paint projects. This product is designed primarily for restoration of large areas of rotted or damaged timber.
The curing period gives plenty of time for moulding the product and allows for mixing in large quantities. EHB60 has a consistency similar to butter, allowing it to be used on both vertical and horizontal joints and makes it ideal for splicing, without the need for shuttering.
Ideal for large repair areas, and major refurbishment contracts, saving you time and money.

Sold in 400ml tubes

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• 1.63g/cm3 density (Thixotropic)
• Large scale repairs vertical or overhead
• In-Situ repairs, conservation joints and cill refurbishment
• Perfect for splicing of new wood sections
• Extremely strong final cure strength of 1500 N/mm2 Tensile

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