About our paints

About our paints

Our core paint values


Our five point core paint values is us wanting to provide you with the best possible product we can, and a product that is notable value for money.

Colour depth Our paints have a deep rich colour depth, which is made possible by the quality of pigment in our paint and the concentration of pigment we use.

Longevity For all our paints, exterior, interior and our specialist ranges, longevity is vitally important to us. Our paints are not only rich in colour but hard wearing and durable too, even in the most extreme of conditions.

Coverage Good quality paint gives better coverage than a cheaper alternative and you’ll need less paint to achieve the right degrees of colour saturation, saving both time and money.

Environmentally friendly Our ultra low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint surpasses the industry standards and you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for a healthy environment.

Technically formulated Our paints are specially formulated to work best in their chosen environments. We do everything from transparent paints to a specialist high performance paint, which is particularly suited for use on Accoya®.


Gone are the days when paints were oil based, toxic and environmentally damaging as well as being prone to ‘yellowing’. Nowadays, paints are more technical, better performing and longer lasting. Our superior water based paints offer the application and finish of a high performance paint that also cleans up beautifully with just soap and water. Our paint flows and levels like traditional solvent based paints, but our water based formula has added benefits, including being incredibly eco friendly, exceeding environmental safety regulations, and being available in unlimited colours thanks to our unique colour matching service.


why we love it

> our paints dry quickly compared to other similar paints on the market

> drying time ensures paint ‘levels’ to a smooth glass like finish

> our exterior paints have low build and high solids which will not crack, peel or flake like traditional high build systems

> flows extremely well

> finish is incredibly dryable and washable

> factory looking finish even with brushes and rollers when airless spraying isn’t possible

> luxurious finish for premium painting with high end lasting results

> meets and exceeds environmental safety regulations

> because of our advanced binder technology, our transparent paints are beautifully clear compared with other available waterborne paints

> our paint boasts the highest accreditation standard in Europe (Dutch KOMO certified standard)