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Sash Windows

Sash Windows and Sash Window Hardware are Mightons biggest products and priorities. As we are a Sash Window specialist we have taken it upon ourselves to create a series of blog posts giving you the best and most accurate information regarding Sash Windows, so you can be sure in your purchasing and use of our products.


    When Original Wooden Windows Ltd set out to make its frame production quicker and more efficient with new machinery, Director Gus Brazier said the name of Mighton Products needed no introduction. Even though the hardware specialist launched its machinery range less than a year ago, the Slough-based joinery firm knew Mighton from 12 years of using its sash weights and other ironmongery.

    Mighton did not expect OWW to make the choice on reputation alone, but was able to give Gus and the team hands-on experience of its Scribe-It™ end-scribing machine without leaving the factory, thanks to the Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicle.

    “The rep gave us a full demo of the end-scribing machine so we were able to see for ourselves exactly what it can do,” he said.

    “Installation was simple and didn’t cause any interruptions. Just from using the machine in the first couple of weeks the benefits have been clear to see. It has not only sped up production significantly but also gives exactly the same profile with every cut.”

    Scribe-It™ increases throughput by scribing the ends of timber profiles quickly, efficiently and consistently. It can complete a full cutting cycle in just 15 seconds and is compatible with any profile up to 45mm wide and 35mm deep. Using two cutters, Scribe-It™ allows for the shaping of the bead to be carried out in two halves, therefore safeguarding against issues such as the beads splitting or spelching at the ends.

    Chairman Mike Derham said OWW’s experience was the ideal example of the difference one machine could make:

    He explains: “The end scribing is only one small part of OWW‘s overall manufacturing process but when you have a bottleneck in a factory, it can have a knock-on effect on every other part.

    “Now, with the the right machinery in place, the whole factory can operate more smoothly and of course more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

    He adds: “We are always pleased to be able to support craftmen such as Original Wooden Windows, a family owned and run business which has been trading for over 40 years. All of their experienced staff specialise in the bespoke design and manufacture of timber windows and doors, with every item designed and produced to match exacting customer requirements. They also pride themselves on working sucessfully with heritage and conservation authorities.”

    To learn more about the range of Mighton Products machinery, and the flexible finance options available, or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.


    Choosing and using Mighton products has been made easier than ever with two new, product-dedicated catalogues with extended ranges and quick-navigation format.

    For 2018 the company has launched separate catalogues for its core ranges, making each more focussed on each customer’s needs, as well as adding new product ranges and much more technical and how-to information.

    The main hardware catalogue has 132 pages packed with all the best in window and door hardware, including Mighton’s new Armourer range of security products as well as the acclaimed Angel Ventlock sash window restrictors.

    Mighton’s patented machinery range for professional joiners now has its own dedicated catalogue to reflect the growing popularity of machines such as the X-Cut cross-jointing and Scribe-It end-scribing machines. The 12-page Mighty Machines catalogue also tells everything about Mighton’s Mobile Demo service, offering free demonstrations for real hands-on experience of any of the machines anywhere in the UK.

    Mighton has also moved its massively expanded range of Mighton Ankerstuy paints and stains into their own dedicated catalogue.

    As well as being more product-specific, the catalogues now have colour-coded icons to help navigate quickly and easily to any of the product sections, all presented with a clear and stylish new design.

    Chairman Mike Derham said: “We are proud of our comprehensive product ranges, with the best of everything that the professional could ask for. Now, with these new catalogues, we have not only packed in more of everything, we have also made them quicker and easier to choose the products – and to learn how to make the very most of them.”

    To learn more about Mighton Products or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.


    When a 217-year-old Cambridge University college needed maintenance to more than 1,000 sliding sash windows, it goes without saying that the correct choice of specialist materials was an essential element.

    That choice in the case of Downing College was the Restoration Paint (11-0050) from Mighton Ankerstuy, a range specifically designed for maintaining and restoring the exterior of timber doors and windows. The paint is waterborne and quick drying, so it can be applied in multiple coats in a single working day. Its low-odour formulation means it can be used in close proximity to a building’s occupants, so the contract could be carried out while the college was in normal use.

    Mighton Technical Consultant Graham Avery added that it will not ‘block’ when the college’s classical sash windows are opened and closed, and it exhibits good gap and crack filling characteristics where the timber substrate may show signs of ageing.

    He continued: “It can also be expected to retain its appearance and protective qualities for up to ten years, which helps to control the cost as well as the visual disruption of scaffolding, especially on a project of this scale.

    Downing College, Cambridge, was founded in 1800 on the will of Sir George Downing, 3rd Baronet, from wealth accumulated by his grandfather the 1st Baronet who, among other things, gave his name to Downing Street in London.


    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham concluded: “Downing College is one of the finest examples of classical sash windows in a large historic setting that can be seen anywhere in Britain. The contract makes the point perfectly that such restoration and maintenance work can only be carried out to the right standard by using specialist materials that were designed and formulated specifically for such an application.

    “The Mighton Restoration Paint range has proved itself in many classical buildings over the years and we are very pleased that Downing College is now one of them.”

    To learn more about the Mighton Ankerstuy range or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.


    Mighton Products Mike Derham has spent most of his business life promoting and selling high quality hardware for timber windows. He is baffled to find that some manufacturers still use sub-standard fittings on highly prized and priced timber frames

    In my experience most timber window frames are bought and specified at diametrically opposing ends of the housing and home improvement markets: the low end, in which cheaply produced softwood frames are manufactured down to a price for cheaper, budget driven home builds and refurbishments. And at the other end of the scale, windows are specified and installed as part of a high quality refurbishment of a period property and specified after much research by a loving owner or smart developer, intent on preserving the quality and authenticity of the property.

    One may understand the use of cheap hardware when the window itself is unlikely to last more than a few years. But for high quality joinery I am surprised at how often I come across manufacturers who, despite the care and skill with which they produce what inevitably are expensive window frames, still insist upon fitting cheap hardware that will corrode within weeks of installation and fail within a few months.

    The irony of this is that timber window specialists inevitably (and usually appropriately) see themselves as craftsmen as opposed to ‘fabricators’, producing high quality, hand finished windows that are produced with skill, care and pride and sold – and purchased – as such.

    The customers of such products choose them because they believe that they are buying and paying for the very best. But a surprising number of manufacturers undermine their products – and potentially their reputations - by shortening the viable service life of their products with the installation of cheap hardware. This goes against every instinct that I have and surely, makes no sense at all.

    Why do quality conscious joinery companies do this?

    When inevitably I challenge those in charge of procurement for these producers about their decision to ‘go cheap’ their response remains consistently the same: ‘we need to cut costs’. But when one considers a frame that may sell for more than £1000, such financial savings amount to perhaps £10 for the whole window when buying cheap hardware, with limited guarantees and performance expectations. Is this worth staking a company’s reputation on, when a whole house installation might save a few hundred against an installation costing £20,000 or more? In the age of instant news the old adage of a bad reputation being gained overnight has never been truer.

    Hardware must be relative to the cost of the window – savings made by using cheaper alternatives are usually negligible and certainly not worth staking a company’s reputation on. When one considers the care, skill and pride that goes into the joinery processes used to produce the window, it makes no sense whatsoever to then undermine that process but fitting cheap hardware; do they seriously believe that all hardware is manufactured equally?

    Cheap products should be avoided at every opportunity in order to maintain the quality of operation and aesthetics for the lifetime of the window. Poor quality products can lose their finish visibly in just a few weeks and can fail in is as little as a few months. Seldom do they come with safeguarding treatments such as PVD for example, or are they covered by worthwhile guarantees.

    Specifying and fitting low quality hardware defies common sense, in other words, the proverbial ‘ha’porth of tar’. There are very good reasons for this old cliché.


    PR5369As part of its ongoing quest to make joinery production quicker, easier and more efficient for both the small or large-scale operator, Mighton Products recently launched its own brand range of machinery and has reached out to its customers for their reviews on the range.

    Gateshead-based joinery specialist Claremont Joinery purchased both the Mighton X-Cut™ and Scribe-It™ machines and was quick to praise the speed and accuracy of cut the machines gave. “We purchased the machines three months ago as we wanted to improve the ease and speed of production without compromising on accuracy, and I’m pleased to say there isn’t any aspect of the machinery we would change.

    “Production times have improved and there are no bottleneck issues with producing the windows due to waiting for beads to be cut. The machines were incredibly easy to set up and operate following a helpful demonstration from Mighton’s Dale Cook.”

    The semi-automatic Scribe-It™ machine is designed to scribe the end of timber profiles quickly and efficiently, increasing throughput and efficiency. The machine can complete a full cutting cycle in just 15 seconds and is compatible with any profile up to 45mm wide and 35mm deep. Using two cutters the machine allows for the shaping of the bead to be done in two halves and this method safeguards against issues such as the bead splitting or spelching at the end.

    Producing perfect cross-joints on glazing beads, the semi-automatic X-Cut™ joint cutting machine comes complete with tooling to suit the timber profile of the user’s choosing. Accurate and consistent, it allows for simple tool change and no lengthy manuals mean it is simple to set up and easy to operate. The machine is adjustable to accept bead profiles measuring from 9mm to 19mm in height and 12mm to 38mm in width and any lengths over 500mm can be used with the option to add extending arms.

    Taking advantage of a visit from the Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicle, Claremont was able to see the machines working before purchasing. The demonstrations give customers the prime opportunity for a live demo with a Mighton expert, seeing first-hand how to get the most out of a potential purchase and ask any questions they may have. There is also a choice of flexible finance options available, making both machines easily attainable for small to medium joinery companies.

    Chairman Mike Derham said: “We consistently look at ways to develop and improve our product range in order to make it easier for master joiners to produce the highest quality end results in the most efficient way possible. Developing these machines that speed up the manufacturing process and enable us to partner with skilled craftsmen such as Claremont Joinery was always the outcome we were aiming for.”

    With 35 years’ experience in the industry, Claremont Joinery is a family business that has grown into one of the North East’s leading providers of joinery services, earning itself a reputation for quality, bespoke craftsmanship. The company works on both domestic projects and contract work, and has an experienced team to cover all aspects of joinery work.

    Claremont has been purchasing hardware and machines from Mighton for over a decade, and is now looking to using the company’s range of paints and coatings in the near future.

    To learn more about the range of Mighton Products machinery or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.

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