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What is Document Q and how can Mighton help?


Document Q is an approved document giving guidance on how to meet security requirements of the Building Regulations. It only requires testing against the Security elements of PAS 24: 2016. Your project specification may require a full suite of PAS 24: 2016. Unlike other companies Mighton are offering to help our customers with FREE drawings for their project to help them comply with these regulations.

 What is Document Q?

Document Q is the latest addition to Building Regulations to ensure new dwellings comply to the security requirements.

Where can I find out about Document Q?


 When will I have to comply by?

 1st October 2016 all windows supplied to new build properties will have had to be proven to be secure by

testing to PAS 24:2016 or other means.

What products do these Building Regulations apply to?

 Approved Document Q applies to ‘easily accessible’ doors and windows that provide access into any of the following:

 into a dwelling from outside

into parts of the building containing flats from outside communal entrance doors), or access into a flat from common parts of the building (i.e. flat entrance doors).

How much will it cost?

FREE, we will supply you with the drawings completely free of charge.