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    As the Mighton Machinery range from Mighton Products continues to gain momentum following its 2016 launch, it has earned the company high praise from a number of skilled joinery firms across the country, with the latest review coming from Swift Joinery Manufacturers Ltd.

    The Castleford-based joinery specialist was quick to commend the speed and quality of Mighton’s X-Cut™ Glazing Bead Jointing Machine, as Steve Greenwood explains. “We purchased the machine 18 months ago due to high demand for plant-on Georgian Bars, and by far the most beneficial feature of the machine is its speed. It’s proven to be a tremendous time saver on production without compromising on accuracy; we cannot fault the quality of the manufacture on the joints.”

    Drawing on significant personal joinery experience, the Mighton Machinery range came about following months of research and development by Chairman Mike Derham and the Mighton team. The range of machines is designed to make joinery production quicker, easier and more efficient for both the small or large scale operator. The popular semi-automatic Mighton X-Cut™ machine produces perfect cross-joints on glazing beads, coming complete with tooling to suit the timber profile of the user’s choosing. Accurate and consistent, it allows for simple tool changes and no lengthy manuals mean it’s quick to set up and easy to operate, something Steve can vouch for: “We took advantage of a visit from the Mighton Mobile Demo Van which we found incredibly helpful. We were able to see first-hand just how straightforward the X-Cut™ machine was set up and operate.”

    With 16 years in the joinery industry, Steve and his team of 20 have been buying Sash Lift and Eyes, Angel Ventlock® Window Restrictors and Securefitch® Fasteners from Mighton for 10 years.

    Mighton’s Chairman Mike Derham adds: “With many years combined experience between the team, Swift Joinery has grown to become a true specialist in the manufacture of bespoke timber windows and doors. Manufacturing and building 95% of their products at their Castleford site, they are able to oversee every aspect of production, ensuring that their bespoke design and hand-crafted products are built to each customer’s exacting standards. We are pleased to hear that the X-Cut™ machine has contributed to the speed and accuracy of their production, as one of the foundations our machinery range was built on was saving our joinery customers both time and money by simplifying and speeding up the manufacturing process.

    “As the Mighton Machines range continues to pique interest, we are thrilled to announce that a dedicated catalogue has been introduced this year, packed with product info, case studies and information on the free demonstrations that we offer.”


    Since the addition of its Interior and Specialist coatings to the already-established Exterior paints range, the Mighton Ankerstuy collection continues to attract interest from new and existing customers, along with rave reviews.

    Fife-based, The Painted Kitchen Ltd started using Mighton’s primers and interior top coats in September 2017, after a local spray shop recommended the brand, and haven’t looked back since.

    Director Terry Turpie explains: “They couldn’t talk highly enough about the Mighton range. After such a glowing review we decided to get in touch with Mighton to try it out for ourselves and were certainly not disappointed. We specialise in bespoke and hand-painted kitchens where only the best materials will suffice, and this is where the Mighton range fits in perfectly.  We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from customers, and to ensure we retain the highest standard of customer satisfaction, we source the best quality materials and dedicate many hours to hand crafting our offering.

    “On every kitchen job we use the Mighton primer, which we spray and de-nib between coats here in our own workshop booth. Once the kitchen is installed it is then followed up with two coats of the interior top coat which has a slight sheen to it and leaves our cabinets with a perfect finish. Even our customers comment on the finish; believing the cabinets have been completely finished on site – that’s how good the result really is! The topcoat colour-matching service from Mighton really is superb and Mighton Ankerstuy is the only paints and coatings range we will use on our bespoke kitchens now.”

    Along with The Painted Kitchen, Mighton has recently seen an upsurge in new customers following the company’s investment in its Mighton Ankerstuy range, including the launch of a new dedicated paint and stain catalogue showcasing the much-extended offering. With an added palette of exterior colours and the new addition of its Interior and Specialist coatings, Mighton has more than trebled the size of the Ankerstuy range. As well as colour charts of all product types and finish options the 48-page catalogue now includes far greater technical and usage information, plus more details on the key products in the range.

    Mighton’s Chairman Mike Derham comments: “With 35 years’ experience between them, Terry and his business partner Gavin Robertson have quickly grown The Painted Kitchen to become a leading provider of bespoke cabinets since the company was launched just 12 months ago. We are pleased have helped them achieve such high quality results for their customers through the use of our Mighton Ankerstuy range and colour matching service.”


    Mike Derham, Chairman of Angel Ventlock window restrictor manufacturer Mighton Products, has made a further call for the UK to follow the United States in intensifying legislation and educational efforts to prevent young children falling from windows.

    Mike highlighted National Window Safety Week, an initiative of the National Safety Council, which has linked with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to raise awareness about the dangers of children falling from windows in a campaign that took place during the first week of April. This is to further reduce the estimated 3,300 children ages five and younger, who are treated each year in U.S. hospital emergency departments. Sadly an average of eight deaths are also recorded annually. By comparison more than 4,000 such accidents a year happen in the UK.

    “In the United States there is far greater awareness of the dangers posed to young children of falling from windows than here in the UK,” said Mike. “Legislation is tougher but this is supplemented by public awareness initiatives including the National Safety Council, which even has a Window Safety Task Force that provides important information on how effective window safety practices and hardware can help significantly reduce the amount of window-fall related injuries.” Roto Frank of America, the US distributor of Mighton’s award winning window restrictor, has a representative on the Window Safety Task Force.

    “Despite the work of the Child Accident Prevention Trust and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) legislation in the UK is comparatively poor, with the result that injuries and deaths to children caused by falling from windows are significantly higher pro rata then in the US.

    “Legislation in the US imposes the ASTM [American Society for Testing and Materials] standard which helps prevent falls, educates parents and carers about window safety and defines standards for safety devices, especially those that prevent falls without interfering with emergency egress. ASTM standards are often used in the UK for other products so this is something that could so easily be remedied and without significant cost implications to anyone,” added Mike.

    For further information on the Angel Ventlock and relevant legislation in the UK call us on 01223 497097. Let us know your thoughts on twitter - https://twitter.com/mightonproducts/status/984808074379751424

  • Mighton Electronics Design Engineer and a Software Engineer job opportunities

    Mighton present new job opportunities - We’re looking for a Electronics Design Engineer and a Software Engineer to join our talented team.

    Mighton are great innovators and are a registered Apple MFI Manufacturer that designs

    and manufactures exciting security and smart home-automation products.


    We’re ready to move up yet another gear and further grow our market share. By expanding our team, we are looking to build on our reputation for quality service and solutions and further grow our customer base.

    We employ talented people and if you enjoy a challenge, have plenty of ambition, energy and enthusiasm for the getting the job done, then we can offer you an exciting rewarding career. We’re after people that want to fly high and that want to make a difference.

    Learn more - https://www.mightonproducts.com/careers


    You don't demand a reputation... you earn it.

    With many homeowners looking at alternatives to plastic windows the opportunities for selling high quality timber box sash vertical sliding frames have never been better. But, says Mighton’s Mike Derham, the hardware choice is critical on such windows.

    According to the key 2017 Palmer Report* on the fortunes of the window, door and conservatory markets in the UK, in 2016 550,000 timber windows were installed in housing, out of a total market of 6.82 million. Of the total market, 7% were vertical sliders, of which an estimated 23% were manufactured in timber.

    A small, but Hanging Baskets In A Countryside Townactually very worthwhile market as prices and generally margins at the premium end are high with homeowners more intent than average homeowners to preserve the authenticity of their property.

    Of course many installers will be supplying this generally recession-proof sector and will understand the need for superb quality at every level: great customer care and installation service and of course, at the core of it all will be the products that they took a great deal of time selecting your company to supply and install. Your reputation rests heavily upon these being not just perfect when they are installed, but to remain so for many years to come.

    The customers of such products choose them because they believe that they are buying and paying for the very best, in the overall product of course but also very much in the visible fittings, but also in the way the window operates, when new and over time. Any diminishment of performance will be very noticeable by people that have paid for and expect the very best.

    But a surprising number of manufacturers undermine their products – and potentially their reputations - by shortening the viable service life of their products with the installation of cheap hardware. This goes against every instinct that I have and surely, makes no sense at all. And installers may also make the assumption that as they are selling such windows from an otherwise reputable manufacturer, then high quality hardware will, surely, be a given. Sadly that is not the case and the purpose of this editorial is to urge Tarnished Pulleyretailer installers to be clear on the quality of the hardware installed. For it is your reputation that is at stake here and you that will pay for the callbacks for failures.

    One may understand the use of cheap hardware when the window itself is unlikely to last more than a few years. But for high quality joinery I am surprised at how often I come across manufacturers who, despite the care and skill with which they produce what inevitably are expensive window frames, still insist upon fitting cheap hardware that will corrode within weeks of installation and fail within a few months.

    The irony of this is that timber window specialists inevitably (and usually appropriately) see themselves as craftsmen, as opposed to just ‘fabricators’, producing high quality, hand finished windows that are produced with skill, care and pride and sold – and purchased – as such.

    Why do quality conscious joinery companies do this?

    When inevitably I challenge those in charge of procurement for these producers about their decision to ‘go cheap’ their response remains consistently the same: ‘we need to cut costs’. But when one considers a frame that may sell for more than £1000, such financial savings amount to perhaps £10 for the whole window when buying cheap hardware, with limited guarantees and performance expectations. Is this worth staking a company’s reputation on, when a whole house installation might save a few hundred against an installation costing £20,000 or more? In the age of instant news the old adage of a bad reputation being gained overnight has never been truer.

    Cheap products should be avoided at every opportunity in order to maintain the quality of operation and aesthetics for the lifetime of the window. Poor quality products can lose their finish visibly in just a few weeks and can fail in is as little as a few months. Seldom do they come with safeguarding treatments such as PVD for example, or are they covered by worthwhile guarantees.

    Closer attention to these details will save you a great deal of money; and ensure your reputation remains intact.

    *The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain 2017 Sept. 2017. www.palmermarketresearch.co.uk

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