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  • A no-compromise solution in listed vicarage conversion

    When a bespoke joiner was called on to create a door to replace an existing heritage window, as part of the restoration of a listed former vicarage in York, it was clear that no element of it could be achieved with an off-the-shelf solution.

    The door not only had to be specially made to function in the original brickwork that had housed the window but it also had to match perfectly with an existing door nearby – and both the archetypally classical setting and the building’s listed status meant this had to be achieved without compromise.

    A large part of that challenge was to find a paint not only durable enough to maintain appearance and weather resistance but from a manufacturer with the capacity to create a bespoke colour and perfect visual match. The solution was Modifica QD from Mighton Ankerstuy, a quick drying coating that was designed with factory finishing in mind for Accoya as well as conventional timber.

    The door itself had to be designed from scratch to function in what had been a window frame, as Robert Bailey-Hague MD of Bailey-Hague Joinery explained: “The frame had to be made specially in sections for the doors to open out fully without protruding brickwork getting in the way. It also had to match the existing door, including making the Georgian bars so that they were aligned with each other.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “Mighton Ankerstuy QD is ideal for factory finishing because it can be touch-dry within an hour in the right conditions. That is a significant advantage over conventional coatings, especially with such a bespoke design.

    “We also take great pride in our colour matching facility and this application clearly shows that there is no need for a coater to compromise with an off-the-shelf colour if it would not provide the perfect end result.”

    To learn more about Mighton Products or to order a catalogue, visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.

    For more information on Bailey-Hague Joinery visit: www.baileyhaguejoinery.co.uk.


    Adding to a growing list of milestone achievements, Mighton’s Avia Apple HomeKit smartlock is the first smartlock to be awarded two important Internet security standards, the Code of Practice for Consumer Internet of Things (IoT); and ETSI TS 103 645, issued by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute, the first globally applicable standard for consumer IoT security.

    With the intensive growth of Internet-connected devices cyber security is a growing concern internationally as well as in the United Kingdom. With this in mind, in October 2018 the UK government released a Code of Practice for Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices that advised manufacturers on cyber security best practise and which also gives guidance for consumers on security for smart devices in the home.

    This was quickly followed in February of this year by ETSI, The European Telecommunication Standards Institute, which released the first globally applicable standard for consumer IoT security ETSI TS 103 645

    The UK Code of Practice sets out practical steps for IoT manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to improve the security of consumer IoT products and associated services. Implementing its thirteen guidelines will contribute to protecting consumers’ privacy and safety, whilst making it easier for them to use their products securely. It also mitigates against the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are launched from poorly secured IoT devices and services.

    The ETSI Standard, based on the Code of Practice, specifies high-level provisions for the security of consumer devices that are connected to network infrastructure, such as the Internet or home network, and their associated services. It provides basic guidance for organisations involved in the development and manufacturing of consumer IoT on how to implement those provisions.

    The Mighton Avia smartlock was submitted for rigorous testing by BSI following which the product was certified as being compliant with both the Code of Practice and ETSI Standard. The achievement of these standards, says the company’s chairman Mike Derham, ratifies the company’s decision to base the product on Apple HomeKit technology: “This achievement reinforces the principle we set out to achieve whilst developing Avia – that we should engineer in the very best security possible for both the hardware and software elements of our product. This includes the use of the Apple HomeKit security ecosystem and a TS 007 3 star cylinder, the latter of which allows a key override, a crucial back-up feature on smart locks. Peace of mind is the key to gaining consumer trust for smart locks for their homes.”

    Further information on both standards is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/secure-by-design

  • ‘From Russia With Hope' Ride 2019 | Our sponsored charity

    Mighton is proud to sponsor and support ‘Hope House’
    as part of the GM Fundraising Team.

    Hope House provides palliative care for children with terminal conditions and support for their families, both on site and in their homes. Hope House receives only nominal support from the government, with over 95% of its £5 million annual operating costs being met by charitable donations and GM Fundraising is proud to be their largest single donor.

    The team of industry based, motivated volunteers, who run GM Fundraising, give their

    time freely and are committed to delivering the highest quality events whilst ensuring that every penny raised reaches the children and families at Hope House.

    The charity is best known for spectacular Gala Dinners, annual Golf Days, Long-Distance Cycle Rides and Footy Fives competition, but also have a number of smaller, niche events, which take place throughout the year too. Mike Derham, Chairman - Mighton Products, says, “We’re proud to have been supporting this initiative for several years. The impact that this charity has, makes a real difference to so many people.” The 2019 main event is

    taking place in June 2019, ‘From Russia With Hope’, and sees a cycling team of 18 ride through 10 countries in 12 days, ending up at Hope House Children’s Hospice. The total tally is 2,730 miles with 34,000 ft of climbing. Mighton and Avia are an official kit sponsor and are part of the ‘ride support’.

    The team will be covering in excess of 280 miles each day as they cycle

    from St Petersburg, Russia, through Finland, into the Arctic Circle, through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, England and Wales, before returning to their final destination - Hope House



    Mighton has answered the call from joiners and factory coaters with the creation of a quick-drying exterior paint with the potential to be touch-dry for recoating in as little as 30 minutes in ideal conditions.

    The water-based formulation, named Modifica Quick Dry – or Modifica QD – is suitable for all exterior wood types including Accoya, and offers the same no-compromise performance and finish as all other Mighton Ankerstuy coatings. It was designed in response to growing demand for a quick-drying finish, especially among factory finishers.

    Mighton Technical Coatings Director Graham Avery explained: “The move towards production line manufacture and factory finishing is still growing at a pace and more and more joiners told us they needed quicker drying paints to speed up their processes.

    “We worked very hard with our partners at Anker Stuy to develop a formulation that would live up to their demands without compromising on performance or finish. The result is a coating with a typical touch-dry time of as little as 30 minutes where the correct recommended drying conditions are implemented.

    “This not only means faster and more efficient throughput for anyone who is factory processing, but it’s also a great boost for any other joiner who is in a hurry; whether it’s to recoat, mask an edge for two toning or simply get a finished piece ready to take to site.”

    Modifica QD is available in all the same opaque colours that are offered with other the exterior paints in the Mighton Ankerstuy range.

    Its introduction comes shortly after the company launched its new and extended paints and stains range with three times the colour choices as well as the addition of Interior and Specialist coatings.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “We are always ready to listen to what joiners and coaters want from a paint to help them do the best job they can, as cost-effectively as they can. This is the thinking that led to the creation of Modifica QD and we are sure it will give them exactly what they want.”

    Buy it here: https://www.mightonproducts.com/products/ankerstuy/choose-your-paint/modifica-qd-professional-exterior-paint


    The technology behind modern CNC machines is extraordinary says Mighton’s Mike Derham. But, he says, sometimes ‘small and specific’ works too…

    Unless your joinery business is dedicated to producing every piece by hand you will be reliant to one degree or another on machinery during the production process. These days with the cost of complex CNC equipment coming within the budgets of small producers, the efficiency that such equipment can bring to a business cannot be ignored. And as skilled staff become increasingly difficult to recruit, a balance between the craft skills that we promise our customers, combined with the efficiency of a workshop equipped with high technology is essential to run a viable modern joinery business.

    Having made that point the use of any type of machine should not be a substitute for skills and training. To get the best out of any production process those involved should have a deep understanding of what they are doing and fundamentally why they are doing it in addition to the skills required to carry out their tasks. As timber frames are making a resurgence it is crucial that no compromise is made in the quality of timber frames and related products.

    CNC machines allow the handling of more machining operations in one setup than is commonly possible on conventional, specific-use machines. CNC machines make it possible to perform machining operations on a lathe that are commonly done on a mill, rotary tables and indexers on machining centers designed to rotate the workpiece to expose multiple sides of the part to the spindle for machining, and spindle probes on machining centers that make it possible to accurately (and automatically) locate key location surfaces. In other words, a single CNC will perform many of the most commonly repeated operations that are part of an operation in which larger numbers of relatively standard products are produced.

    However, many smaller operations will be required to produce one-offs, either totally bespoke windows or doors for example, or perhaps more commonly, derivations of standard products. And it is typically these circumstances in which the use of CNC machines can become a hindrance. Quite simply it is not, in broad terms, the best use of such technology and why the market for small, relatively inexpensive single-function machines is growing.

    Just as technology has driven the cost of CNC machinery down and their complexity up then so to have clever electronics and digital controls and programming allowed the development of small, inexpensive semi-automated machines that can be used for small unit runs that allow the CNC to do what it does best, without interruption. I must emphasise that I am not suggesting that small, dedicated machines can do anything better than a CNC, just that CNC’s are better utilised for larger runs of relatively standard products. Dedicated machines simply allow a number of basic functions to be carried out without interrupting the flow of the CNCs, which should be too busy making money for the workshop.

    Of course, many smaller workshops will not have CNC machines, either due to the decision to remain dedicated to craft methods or simply because the company has not taken the financial leap even into the lower end of CNCs. In such circumstances dedicated, semi automatic machinery should be considered for carrying out repeat tasks that craft skills are wasted on and which may justifiably allow greater efficiency and lower cost per unit without sacrificing a commitment to craft, hand-made quality.

    Identifying the need for high-quality, low cost machinery for performing a range of dedicated tasks in joinery production, Mighton Products offers a growing range of high quality woodworking machines. Its most popular products are the X-Cut™ Glazing Bead Jointing Machine and the Scribe-It™ End Scribing Machine, a semi-automatic end-scribing machine for scribing the end of timber profiles quickly and efficiently. Demonstrations are available onsite nationwide through the company’s purpose-built mobile vans and specialist advisors.

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