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  • Regal Standards At The Goring Hotel, Belgravia SW1W

    Wandsworth Sash Windows (WSW) manufacture and install bespoke windows , doors, shutters, and all types of joinery. They also take on major building works and complete all the required construction from start to finish. As a South London sash window company, WSW regularly work across London, the home counties and the south of England. WSW hand make their own products to ensure they are of the very highest quality, and to achieve a perfect fit.

    When WSW London were called on to replace 25 sash windows at the luxury 5-star Goring Hotel in Belgravia, it was clear from the off that only quality craftmanship and a top-class work ethic would be good enough to achieve the required results.  After all, The Goring is particularly well known for famously hosting The Duchess of Cambridge and her family the night before her Royal wedding back in 2011.

    Most of the windows required a complex 6 over 6 design which Wandsworth's team of expert crafters were easily able to hand produce in their East Sussex workshop.  WSW were approached to supply timber staff and parting beads, ironmongery and weights for this installation.  Due to the exacting standards of the client WSW were confident that they could deliver the products as needed.  Mighton are regular suppliers to WSW and are always able to source and supply what is needed quickly to help keep their jobs on track.  Working in a busy hotel where disruption needed to be kept to an absolute minimum brought with it a few challenges:

    - Works had to keep to the schedule organised with the managerial staff and main contractor

    - Work was required to stop when hotel guests walked past

    - The service lift was used to move materials

    - At the end of every day the working area needed to be tidied to ensure nothing was left behind overnight

    These challenges meant it was important for WSW to recoup precious time by using suppliers they trust to deliver quality products and deliver them quickly and efficiently to ensure the work is completed within the timescale required by The Goring. Goods were supplied quickly, efficiently and as ordered. The high quality of Mighton hardware is known throughout the industry and meant that Mighton was the only choice or partner that WSW would consider.  Mighton were proud to be part of such a successful project.


  • TimbaCurer From Mighton Products


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    Mighton Products have continued their strategy of providing everything for the window manufacturer with the launch of their wood repair product, TimbaCurer.

    The epoxy resin product has been designed as an adhesive filler specifically for the repair of wooden windows, doors and related products. There are two versions, a four hour cure product for major repairs where extra time is required for processing and a 1 Hour formula for small repairs requiring a fast turn-round. TimbaCurer 4 cures in four hours and is intended for large scale same day repairs up to 60mm deep. It is a thixotropic mix with a consistency similar to butter which allows it to be used on vertical and horizontal joints and even splices without shuttering. It can be mixed in large quantities, moulded and pointed into place. It’s ideal for large repair areas and paint refurbishment contracts. The product has a Thixotropic density of 1.63cm3 and a cured tensile strength of 1500N/mm2. The product is supplied in a 400ml dual cartridge (sold seperately). TimbaCurer 1 also comes in a dual cartridge at 400ml and has a 1 hour curing time. Its viscous consistency allows it to gel and cure faster which makes it perfect for repairing and splicing smaller areas up to 10mm deep. For example where wood is damaged as opposed to rotten The product has a viscous density of 1.23g/cm3 and a similar curing strength to the four hour version.

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    Call our Sales team on 0800 056 0471

  • Weatherproof those Draughty Sash Windows

    Winter is now well on its way. It’s time to weatherproof those draughty sash windows to prevent cold winds blowing in and to reduce your energy bills!

    Here are our top 5 products for reducing drafts:


    Mighton MightySeal® is a versatile high performance foamed weatherseal with resilient HDPE bonded to a polyurethane core, utilising a PP insert to allow for easy insertion. Unaffected by low temperatures, rot or stain, it's even UV resistant. It has a high bond self-adhesive mesh making it easy to apply…simply peel and stick!

    • Most suitable for retrofit where its not practical to groove out
    • Impervious to paint and stain
    • High wear and tear resistance
    • Excellent performance over a wide temperature range
    • Unaffected by rot, mould or mildew
    • Resistant to UV light
    • Excellent recovery from compressed state

    2.Timber Staff & Parting Beads 

    Our weatherstripping, staff and parting bead varieties help to create a seal around your windows preventing heat from escaping and improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. All of which can be installed easily with the minimum of fuss.
    At Mighton we stock a large range of plastic and primed timber weatherstripping, staff and parting bead products that are ideal when installing, refurbishing or repairing timber sash and casement windows. Our range includes parting beads, staff beads, brush seals, brush carriers, weatherstripping and the usual furnature and sash pulleys.
    For added convenience, drawings of all section sizes are available to view or download on each individual product page.

    3. EcoBrush


    Our Ecobrush is a cost effective and easy way to weatherproof your home. Simply peel and stick! Ecobrush is ideal for both weather-proofing and taking the rattle out of your sash windows as it can be used at the meeting rail as well as on the top and bottom of the sashes.

     4. PVC Meeting Rail Interlock Seal

    Our PVC Meeting Rail Interlock will help minimise draught and provide a positive seal. It comes with Mighton's 5.5mm bruspile (supplied loose). This product is perfect for sash window renovation or new build work and can be used in conjunction with our other weatherproofing products.
    Both the rail and the brush pile are UV stable, water repellent and weather resistant.


    5. PVC Parting Bead


    Our one piece Parting Bead weatherstrips both top and bottom sashes. It looks exactly like traditional Parting Bead, the fins are almost undetectable when installed. Due to it being made from UV-Stabilised PVC it will never rot and is unaffected by accidental contact with paint. It is available in white and comes in two sizes 'Normal' or 'Wide'. PVC Parting Bead can be used in new work or refurbishment jobs.


    If you need any help choosing the right products for your sash windows please give us a call on 0800 056 0471.

  • How To: Remove the Sashes for Maintenance or Replacement

    How To: Remove the Sashes for Maintenance or Replacement

    In order to maintain, repair, or replace sash windows to the highest standard, it’s vital to completely remove the sashes from their position in the frame before working on the sashes themselves, or the frames. 

    The ‘stop’ or ‘staff’ bead is pinned on to the window frame, and then painted over which creates a paint seal.  It’s this stop bead which holds the sashes in position within the frame, whilst still allowing them to slide up and down. Additionally there is a sash cord within the framework of the window, which will also need detaching before you can remove the sashes.

    Removing the staff bead

    First you need to crack the paint seal between the staff bead and the frame. Don’t use a chisel, you want to preserve the fabric of the stop bead as best you can. The best method to remove the stop bead is a 4 by 2 block of wood and a hammer. 

    Line one edge of the wood block up against the paint seal, between the staff bead and the window frame. Tap the wood with the hammer a few times gently, which should break the paint seal and reveal the stop bead, slightly separated from the window frame.

    Repeat the process up and down the staff bead to ensure the entire bead becomes visibly separated from the frame along the paint line. The stop bead is only pinned in to the frame, so once the paint seal is broken, not too much force is required to prise the bead completely away from the frame – a chisel is the ideal tool. 

    Do this for the remaining 3 staff beads. Once this is done, the sashes will no longer be fixed in position, so be careful not to let either of the sashes fall to the ground. There will still be the sash cord tethering one sash to the frame, but this will not be sufficient to hold the sashes securely in position.  Ensure no passers-by or other people inside the property can accidentally push the sashes either.

    Removing the sash cord

    Usually the sash cord is very simply nailed in to the side of the sash.  Carefully holding the sash in question, dislodge the fastening between cord and sash on the side of the sash, holding on to the cord at the same time. You’ll need to do this on each side of the sash. 

    You should now be able to fully remove both sashes from the window frame, and have the freedom to fully restore, maintain, or replace your sashes. 

    For helpful videos covering these tasks and other sash window maintenance, take a look at our Mighton TV page.

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