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Mighton has answered the call from joiners and factory coaters with the creation of a quick-drying exterior paint with the potential to be touch-dry for recoating in as little as 30 minutes in ideal conditions.

The water-based formulation, named Modifica Quick Dry – or Modifica QD – is suitable for all exterior wood types including Accoya, and offers the same no-compromise performance and finish as all other Mighton Ankerstuy coatings. It was designed in response to growing demand for a quick-drying finish, especially among factory finishers.

Mighton Technical Coatings Director Graham Avery explained: “The move towards production line manufacture and factory finishing is still growing at a pace and more and more joiners told us they needed quicker drying paints to speed up their processes.

“We worked very hard with our partners at Anker Stuy to develop a formulation that would live up to their demands without compromising on performance or finish. The result is a coating with a typical touch-dry time of as little as 30 minutes where the correct recommended drying conditions are implemented.

“This not only means faster and more efficient throughput for anyone who is factory processing, but it’s also a great boost for any other joiner who is in a hurry; whether it’s to recoat, mask an edge for two toning or simply get a finished piece ready to take to site.”

Modifica QD is available in all the same opaque colours that are offered with other the exterior paints in the Mighton Ankerstuy range.

Its introduction comes shortly after the company launched its new and extended paints and stains range with three times the colour choices as well as the addition of Interior and Specialist coatings.

Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “We are always ready to listen to what joiners and coaters want from a paint to help them do the best job they can, as cost-effectively as they can. This is the thinking that led to the creation of Modifica QD and we are sure it will give them exactly what they want.”

Buy it here: https://www.mightonproducts.com/products/ankerstuy/choose-your-paint/modifica-qd-professional-exterior-paint


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