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  • Mighton Presented with World First BSI Internet Security Certificate for Avia Secure Smart Lock

    Mighton has been officially presented with a certificate from the British Standards Institution (BSI) in recognition of achieving the Government’s Code of Practice for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) security for its Avia Apple HomeKit smart lock – the first ever product of any kind to receive the ETSI TS 103 645 accreditation.

    The Code of Practice, which is recognised internationally, was introduced by the UK Government in October 2018, in response to growing concern about the cyber security of smart enabled devices in the home. Not only does the standard help to ensure the privacy and security of consumers when using their smart home products, it is also designed to prevent the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are launched from poorly secured IoT devices.

    Mighton’s chairman, Mike Derham, and marketing director, Jim Herrington, received the award from the BSI’s global digital and connected product certification director, David Mudd; BSI UK & Ireland managing director, Anne Scorey; and IoT business development manager, Stephen Thomas. David Mudd commented: “Well done to Mighton Products for achieving compliance to the first globally-applicable standard for consumer IoT security. Best practice is more than just good encryption, strong passwords and addressing other system design issues, it’s also about responsible disclosure, software support and effective user guidance. It’s great to see companies taking this fully on board.”

    Avia – which carries PAS 24 accreditation and features 256-bit data encryption for enhanced security – is the first Apple HomeKit lever operated smart multipoint lock. Available to UK trade customers exclusively through hardware distributor, Mila, it is a ‘full function’ lock that can be controlled using iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, keypad and fob, combined with the peace of mind of a traditional key and TS 007 3-star cylinder. Access via facial recognition is another exciting innovation that can be activated by an optional accessory.

    Once connected to the highly secure and stable Apple HomeKit platform, homeowners can check on the status of their entrance door via the Avia app, including a full audit trail that records all activity, and can also extend and control access to additional users – for example service providers – from anywhere in the world.

  • Mighton and Mila Partner Up To Supply Avia Apple Homekit Smart Lock To Window and Door Industry

    Mighton Products, which launched its new Apple HomeKit-based multipoint Avia smart lock at the high tech Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, is to make the product available to the UK window and door home improvement market through the UK’s leading hardware distributor Mila. Mila and Mighton will be exhibiting together at the FIT Show on a stand dedicated exclusively to this exciting new product (H30).

    Avia, the world’s first Apple HomeKit smart lock to be developed for multipoint systems, is controllable using iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, keypad and fob and is a full function smart lock that revolutionises entrance door security: the multipoint locks are secured by simply raising the handle and unlocked using the app installed on an Apple iPhone or iPad; by using a highly secure key fob from a range of up to 300 metres, or via an electronic keypad. A further, exciting innovation that will be demonstrated at the FIT Show is face recognition, activated via an optional accessory. Access for additional users may be easily extended, controlled and revoked via the app from anywhere in the world, for example to allow easy access for service providers.

    Crucially the Apple HomeKit platform is highly secure and stable and users of the Avia app can learn at a glance the status of the lock, with a full audit trail recorded for all activity. A traditional key may be used in the TS 007 3 star cylinder as an emergency backup to offer total peace of mind. Any competent person may install Avia in minutes on existing multipoint-equipped doors.

    Mila will use its extensive market presence and expertise to introduce the Avia smart lock to resi door manufacturers and installers serving the home improvement market, with demand expected to grow as smart technology becomes more broadly acceptable in this marketplace. Mighton is also developing further related smart home products based upon Apple HomeKit technology, which is regarded as the most secure and robust available.

    Mila’s Managing Director Richard Gyde says that Avia is the most impressive smart lock yet and believes it offers door fabricators and installers an impressive and highly secure option to homeowners familiar with Apple HomeKit technology. At the same time, because Avia is fitted on the inside of the door, it also allows them to fit Mila’s reassuringly familiar SBD accredited SupaSecure stainless steel door handle on the outside: “There are more than 1.3 billion users of Apple products worldwide and the prospect of offering such an advanced product, the world’s first for multipoint door locks, is very attractive. Demand is growing for smart locks and we look forward to working with Mighton, a long established specialist hardware supplier, to develop the home improvement market with them.”

    Mighton’s Mike Derham believes that Mila has the market reach to ensure that Avia realises its full potential in the sector: “We operate on the periphery of the home improvement market and believe that Mila will ensure that the full potential for Avia will be realised. As the only Apple HomeKit-based multipoint smart lock, demand for Avia will be strong and companies that offer Avia as an option for their customers will enjoy the kudos that the Apple HomeKit brand and technology will bring to their product.”

    Mighton Avia smart locks and accessories will be available from September 2019 to the UK window and door trade through Mila ( and to other professional and commercial customers via the Apple website, Amazon and direct via the Avia site at

  • 2,700 Miles Behind The Wheel ‘For the Kids’ By Mighton Boss Mike

    Traditional window hardware, paint and machinery specialist Mighton Products’ founder and chairman Mike Derham is about to set off behind the steering wheel of a support vehicle once again, to provide backup for a group of cyclists who this time are riding back all the way from Russia to Shropshire.

    Mike has been a long time supporter of the Hope House charity (, which provides care and support to life-limited children, young people and their families from Shropshire, Cheshire, North and Mid Wales, which Mike became involved with through a friend who raises money for the organisation. For Mike this will be the fourth such event he has supported, both physically and as a sponsor and includes ensuring the safe passage for a group of 18 cyclists who will be riding a total of 2,730 miles, through 10 European countries in just 12 days. Divided into teams of three the cyclists will ride in relay from the Russian border, through Finland into the Arctic Circle, then Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, then via the tunnel into England, dipping into Wales and on to the final destination of Hope House in Oswestry, Shropshire.

    “These events have helped to raise more than £1 million for Hope House and I am delighted to be involved with this latest effort, which will actually be the last for on such a grand scale, due to the sheer complexity and effort involved,” said Mike. “It is therefore important that we raise even more money!” “The previous rides, which have included three across the USA and others through Europe, have been gruelling for riders and support alike, but the cause makes it so worthwhile. As a father and grandfather I have enormous respect for the work done by Hope House and am delighted to make this trip to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the cyclists.”

    All involved with the ride pay their own costs, which ensures that 100% of any money raised goes direct to Hope House. Donations may be made through:

  • A no-compromise solution in listed vicarage conversion

    When a bespoke joiner was called on to create a door to replace an existing heritage window, as part of the restoration of a listed former vicarage in York, it was clear that no element of it could be achieved with an off-the-shelf solution.

    The door not only had to be specially made to function in the original brickwork that had housed the window but it also had to match perfectly with an existing door nearby – and both the archetypally classical setting and the building’s listed status meant this had to be achieved without compromise.

    A large part of that challenge was to find a paint not only durable enough to maintain appearance and weather resistance but from a manufacturer with the capacity to create a bespoke colour and perfect visual match. The solution was Modifica QD from Mighton Ankerstuy, a quick drying coating that was designed with factory finishing in mind for Accoya as well as conventional timber.

    The door itself had to be designed from scratch to function in what had been a window frame, as Robert Bailey-Hague MD of Bailey-Hague Joinery explained: “The frame had to be made specially in sections for the doors to open out fully without protruding brickwork getting in the way. It also had to match the existing door, including making the Georgian bars so that they were aligned with each other.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “Mighton Ankerstuy QD is ideal for factory finishing because it can be touch-dry within an hour in the right conditions. That is a significant advantage over conventional coatings, especially with such a bespoke design.

    “We also take great pride in our colour matching facility and this application clearly shows that there is no need for a coater to compromise with an off-the-shelf colour if it would not provide the perfect end result.”

    To learn more about Mighton Products or to order a catalogue, visit or call 01223 497097.

    For more information on Bailey-Hague Joinery visit:


    Adding to a growing list of milestone achievements, Mighton’s Avia Apple HomeKit smartlock is the first smartlock to be awarded two important Internet security standards, the Code of Practice for Consumer Internet of Things (IoT); and ETSI TS 103 645, issued by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute, the first globally applicable standard for consumer IoT security.

    With the intensive growth of Internet-connected devices cyber security is a growing concern internationally as well as in the United Kingdom. With this in mind, in October 2018 the UK government released a Code of Practice for Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices that advised manufacturers on cyber security best practise and which also gives guidance for consumers on security for smart devices in the home.

    This was quickly followed in February of this year by ETSI, The European Telecommunication Standards Institute, which released the first globally applicable standard for consumer IoT security ETSI TS 103 645

    The UK Code of Practice sets out practical steps for IoT manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to improve the security of consumer IoT products and associated services. Implementing its thirteen guidelines will contribute to protecting consumers’ privacy and safety, whilst making it easier for them to use their products securely. It also mitigates against the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are launched from poorly secured IoT devices and services.

    The ETSI Standard, based on the Code of Practice, specifies high-level provisions for the security of consumer devices that are connected to network infrastructure, such as the Internet or home network, and their associated services. It provides basic guidance for organisations involved in the development and manufacturing of consumer IoT on how to implement those provisions.

    The Mighton Avia smartlock was submitted for rigorous testing by BSI following which the product was certified as being compliant with both the Code of Practice and ETSI Standard. The achievement of these standards, says the company’s chairman Mike Derham, ratifies the company’s decision to base the product on Apple HomeKit technology: “This achievement reinforces the principle we set out to achieve whilst developing Avia – that we should engineer in the very best security possible for both the hardware and software elements of our product. This includes the use of the Apple HomeKit security ecosystem and a TS 007 3 star cylinder, the latter of which allows a key override, a crucial back-up feature on smart locks. Peace of mind is the key to gaining consumer trust for smart locks for their homes.”

    Further information on both standards is available here:

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