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  • A no-compromise solution in listed vicarage conversion

    When a bespoke joiner was called on to create a door to replace an existing heritage window, as part of the restoration of a listed former vicarage in York, it was clear that no element of it could be achieved with an off-the-shelf solution.

    The door not only had to be specially made to function in the original brickwork that had housed the window but it also had to match perfectly with an existing door nearby – and both the archetypally classical setting and the building’s listed status meant this had to be achieved without compromise.

    A large part of that challenge was to find a paint not only durable enough to maintain appearance and weather resistance but from a manufacturer with the capacity to create a bespoke colour and perfect visual match. The solution was Modifica QD from Mighton Ankerstuy, a quick drying coating that was designed with factory finishing in mind for Accoya as well as conventional timber.

    The door itself had to be designed from scratch to function in what had been a window frame, as Robert Bailey-Hague MD of Bailey-Hague Joinery explained: “The frame had to be made specially in sections for the doors to open out fully without protruding brickwork getting in the way. It also had to match the existing door, including making the Georgian bars so that they were aligned with each other.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “Mighton Ankerstuy QD is ideal for factory finishing because it can be touch-dry within an hour in the right conditions. That is a significant advantage over conventional coatings, especially with such a bespoke design.

    “We also take great pride in our colour matching facility and this application clearly shows that there is no need for a coater to compromise with an off-the-shelf colour if it would not provide the perfect end result.”

    To learn more about Mighton Products or to order a catalogue, visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.

    For more information on Bailey-Hague Joinery visit: www.baileyhaguejoinery.co.uk.


    Since the addition of its Interior and Specialist coatings to the already-established Exterior paints range, the Mighton Ankerstuy collection continues to attract interest from new and existing customers, along with rave reviews.

    Fife-based, The Painted Kitchen Ltd started using Mighton’s primers and interior top coats in September 2017, after a local spray shop recommended the brand, and haven’t looked back since.

    Director Terry Turpie explains: “They couldn’t talk highly enough about the Mighton range. After such a glowing review we decided to get in touch with Mighton to try it out for ourselves and were certainly not disappointed. We specialise in bespoke and hand-painted kitchens where only the best materials will suffice, and this is where the Mighton range fits in perfectly.  We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from customers, and to ensure we retain the highest standard of customer satisfaction, we source the best quality materials and dedicate many hours to hand crafting our offering.

    “On every kitchen job we use the Mighton primer, which we spray and de-nib between coats here in our own workshop booth. Once the kitchen is installed it is then followed up with two coats of the interior top coat which has a slight sheen to it and leaves our cabinets with a perfect finish. Even our customers comment on the finish; believing the cabinets have been completely finished on site – that’s how good the result really is! The topcoat colour-matching service from Mighton really is superb and Mighton Ankerstuy is the only paints and coatings range we will use on our bespoke kitchens now.”

    Along with The Painted Kitchen, Mighton has recently seen an upsurge in new customers following the company’s investment in its Mighton Ankerstuy range, including the launch of a new dedicated paint and stain catalogue showcasing the much-extended offering. With an added palette of exterior colours and the new addition of its Interior and Specialist coatings, Mighton has more than trebled the size of the Ankerstuy range. As well as colour charts of all product types and finish options the 48-page catalogue now includes far greater technical and usage information, plus more details on the key products in the range.

    Mighton’s Chairman Mike Derham comments: “With 35 years’ experience between them, Terry and his business partner Gavin Robertson have quickly grown The Painted Kitchen to become a leading provider of bespoke cabinets since the company was launched just 12 months ago. We are pleased have helped them achieve such high quality results for their customers through the use of our Mighton Ankerstuy range and colour matching service.”


    Jurassic Retreat mighton ankerstuy lodges Jurassic Retreat - Larkfield DT6 4ND

    Owners of prestigious new holiday lodges on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast can expect them to keep their pristine looks in the face of the area’s legendary weather and salt spray, thanks to a factory coating of Woodstain TP from the Mighton Ankerstuy Specialist range.

    The lodges are the first in Siberian larch cladding to be installed at the park but, as Mighton Technical Coatings Director Graham Avery said, they now form a superb shop window for other prospective owners to see them at their best.

    Mighton provided an audit of the full factory finishing of the Siberian larch in association with Mike England Timber for Prestige Homeseeker Park & Leisure Homes, which manufactured the lodges for the Highland’s End Holiday Park, Bridport, owned by West Dorset Leisure Holidays.

    Mike England’s Colin Bennet explained the choice: “We wanted the natural look of larch but with a coating that would sit in the wood as well as on top, to provide maximum weather resistance. When the site is only 500 metres from the sea, it is prone to both rough weather and salt spray.”

    Graham Avery continued: “Ankerstuy coatings have been tried and tested all over the world, in every extreme of hot, cold, storm and drought. With such a prestigious location as this, the appearance of the timber is almost as crucial as its performance so the choice of coating is an important one.”

    He added that the purchasers of the properties are also offered a maintenance package, ensuring their pristine appearance is maintained with a consistency of colour and materials used.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham concluded: “These superb cabins are not just a showpiece to prospective buyers. Prestige Homeseeker makes units like these in a number of exterior finishes and, while this project involves only a few in the new Siberian larch, they will let everyone along the supply chain gauge what kind of demand there may be for them.”

    To learn more about the Mighton Ankerstuy range or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.


    Mighton Products has boosted its link with paint specialist Anker Stuy with the launch of a new dedicated paint and stain catalogue and  range, showcasing the much-extended product and colour range that has resulted from their successful partnership.

    The range, now branded Mighton Ankerstuy, has more than trebled in size with not only an extended palette of its existing Exterior colours but also the new addition of Interior and Specialist coatings. All products in the range offer ease and consistency of application, fast drying, exceptional durability and sustainable performance. These characteristics allow the company to offer impressive guarantees of up to 25 years on their range of coatings for windows, doors, cladding and staircases.

    As well as details and colour charts of all the ranges and finish options, the 48-page catalogue now has much more technical and usage information, plus more details on the key products in the range.

    Also, along with the 2018 edition of Mighton’s main catalogue, it has been made easier to navigate, with the introduction of icons guiding readers to clear and simple colour-coded sections inside.

    Mighton Chairman Mike Derham said: “This is not just a new catalogue but a source of masses of useful information on choosing and using the Mighton Ankerstuy range.

    The extended Exterior range now includes 25 standard opaque and eight standard transparent colours, all tested and proven for use on Accoya® products. These are now joined by 20 standard Interior colours and a Specialist range of opaque and transparent stains.

    All Mighton Ankerstuy paint products, including primers, undercoats and top coat systems, are certified by KOMO - widely regarded as the leading accreditation body in Europe for testing and accreditation of products for the construction industry.

    Mike Derham concluded: “We have always offered a great colour-matching service, but now, with this much expanded choice of options, customers are able to choose from the full range of paints and stains, all from stock.”

    To learn more about the Mighton Ankerstuy range or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.


    Choosing and using Mighton products has been made easier than ever with two new, product-dedicated catalogues with extended ranges and quick-navigation format.

    For 2018 the company has launched separate catalogues for its core ranges, making each more focussed on each customer’s needs, as well as adding new product ranges and much more technical and how-to information.

    The main hardware catalogue has 132 pages packed with all the best in window and door hardware, including Mighton’s new Armourer range of security products as well as the acclaimed Angel Ventlock sash window restrictors.

    Mighton’s patented machinery range for professional joiners now has its own dedicated catalogue to reflect the growing popularity of machines such as the X-Cut cross-jointing and Scribe-It end-scribing machines. The 12-page Mighty Machines catalogue also tells everything about Mighton’s Mobile Demo service, offering free demonstrations for real hands-on experience of any of the machines anywhere in the UK.

    Mighton has also moved its massively expanded range of Mighton Ankerstuy paints and stains into their own dedicated catalogue.

    As well as being more product-specific, the catalogues now have colour-coded icons to help navigate quickly and easily to any of the product sections, all presented with a clear and stylish new design.

    Chairman Mike Derham said: “We are proud of our comprehensive product ranges, with the best of everything that the professional could ask for. Now, with these new catalogues, we have not only packed in more of everything, we have also made them quicker and easier to choose the products – and to learn how to make the very most of them.”

    To learn more about Mighton Products or to order a new catalogue visit www.mightonproducts.com or call 01223 497097.

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