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Home Security

Mighton always take door and window safety seriously and offer the best range of products we can to help keep your household safe. View our collection of blog posts filled with tips and suggestions on making and maintaining a safe and secure home.

  • Mighton previews Locking Angel!

    Yet another solution from Mighton Products... Always at the vanguard of product design, the company recently announced the imminent release of a key locking version of their popular child safety device for sash windows.

    Known for listening to their customer’s requests, the decision to develop a locking version came as a response to the need for a combined security and safety device and follows the success of the patented Angel Ventlock® range of safety devices that are now widely used across the UK, USA and Europe.

    Originally developed to meet stringent standards in the USA and Europe, the Angel series has proved immensely popular and are now used across many sectors from domestic to military and fitted by some of the world’s largest window manufacturers.

    The basic concept behind the range is that they can limit the sash opening to 100mm for venting, are non-releasable by a child under 5, and will re-engage automatically when the sash is closed.

    The new Angel has added benefit in that it can be locked to provide added ‘double’ window security (it latches and locks) in both the closed and vented positions. The product is for use on non-egress Windows only as egress windows are used for emergency escape and rescue. The non-locking version of the Angel can be used on all windows.angel locking face (4) angel locking side (3)

    There are two versions of the Locking Angel, both are intended for factory fit, but could be fitted by a competent homeowner. The Facefix version is screw fixed into the front face of the sash, whilst the Sidefix version is fixed through the side of the sash, hiding the fixing screws.

    Mighton are confident the product fits a niche. It allows the customer to vent the window, provides added security but doesn’t compromise child safety.

    Ventlock® is a registered Trademark in the USA, United Kingdom and the European Union and the Angel products are protected by comprehensive patents.

    If you would like to know more about the product or request a catalogue, please call the Sales team on 01223 497097, email sales@mighton.co.uk or visit mightonproducts.com/products/sash-window-hardware/angel-ventlock

  • Keep your home safe and secure this Christmas!

    With the dark evenings rolling in and Christmas just round the corner it’s no surprise that burglaries increase by up to 20% over the dark winter months!

    Keep your home safe & secure this Winter with these following tips:

    • Keep doors and windows locked

    It may sound simple but keep doors and windows locked at all times, even when you are at home. In 30% of all burglaries the thieves don't even have to break in, they get in through unlocked doors and windows.

    • Check your doors and windows are in tip top condition

    Take a look around your home and make sure all entry points are kept in top condition. Locks and fasteners can become rusty & stiff over the years. Mighton sell a wide range of security products that suit both sash & casement windows & doors.

    • Keep an eye out for the Secured by Design Logo

    Secured by design is a police ran initiative. Secured by Design member company status is awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service. The standards and related tests must demonstrate the product effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack. Feel confident in the knowledge that the product you have bought has been put through rigorous tests previously and is set to do the job at hand. Keep an eye out for the SBD logo on our security products.

    • Keep Presents out of View

    Although it may look pretty, don't put your Christmas presents under the tree too early. Burglars have been known to break in and steal ready wrapped gifts from under the tree. Keep them out of sight until Christmas eve/morning.


    Mighton stocks a wide range of sash & casement window products to keep your home safe and secure all year round. Please call our Sales team on 0800 056 0471 for more information.

  • We Are Serious About Sash At Mighton

    Creating the perfect sash window takes a lot of time, effort and skill so it is important that the materials used in the manufacturing process are of great quality. While this is often true for the wood and glass that is used in sash windows, not all fabricators use the best window hardware such as sash balances or sash cord. These two components, while hidden, are actually two of the most important elements of any high quality sash window. Cheap sash cord for instance will stretch over time meaning the sash will not open correctly; at Mighton we only sell the very finest quality pre-stretched nylon sash cord. This ensures that it will not become slack over time and your customers will get the same smooth sash operation time after time for many years.

    The use poor quality sash balances can also seriously affect the operation of a sash window as spiral balances stretch out of shape over many uses. It can also be hard to choose the right sash balance for each installation due to the numerous elements that must be considered when selecting its size. In order to give fabricators no excuse for not using the finest Mighton sash balances we have created an online ordering system for ordering sash balances that makes it incredibly simple and quick to get what you need.

    Ultimately the most important aspect of any sash window installation is the effect that it has on home window security. A sash window that does not sue the best possible hardware will always be compromising on its ability to protect the home. Using the best possible products such as the Mighton Securibead will ensure that the bottom sash cannot be easily removed for quick entry into a home. Remember that if you want to buy it once, buy it Mighton.

  • Improve Your Homes Security With The Right Locks

    There are many things that homeowners like to do in order to improve the beauty or function of their home. For some this may be the installation of a conservatory, the addition of a garage or the conversion of a loft into a bedroom. There are no right or wrong, better or worse, ways to improve your home and each person will have different views as to which is the most important. However, all homeowners will agree that the most important thing a home should be is safe and secure yet many people will be unaware of just how vulnerable their home is. This article will look at some of the biggest security threats that our home faces and suggest ways of improving and strengthening your home.

    While the issue this article discusses is a serious one, it is not something that you should be immediately be overwhelmingly concerned by. Instead this issue is one that has existed for and been known about for some time yet awareness amongst consumers have never really been that high. The security issue at hand is the ability for many types of front door locks to be snapped and then opened very quickly with relatively cheap tools. This effectively means that no matter how secure your door or locking system is if the lock cylinder itself is not protected, the door can easily be breached. As a lock is such a small component of a door, many homeowners fail to realise that not all locks are built to the same quality or specification but fortunately solutions are both plentiful and inexpensive.

    The way to avoid having your lock snapped and tampered with is to install ABS locks in place of your old, vulnerable cylinder locks. The ABS lock is a purposely designed, high security system that avoids many of the pitfalls of conventional locks. Although they are described as anti snap locks, they are in fact designed to snap in a specific place with a secondary mechanism used to protect the internal workings of the lock. There are many secondary benefits to the installation of ABS locks, for instance they can be configured to use one key for multiple locks which means you can easily get in both the front and back door. Furthermore the keys for the locks are registered to specific addresses and cannot be copied without the use of a special code, which adds to the brilliant security benefits of these locks.

  • Home Window Security Products From Mighton

    When in the market for home improvement security products there is only one place that you need to visit to get everything you will need and more. At Mighton we stock a high quality range of sash window, casement window and door security products designed to make your home safer. We make many of our own sash window security products so fabricators and installers of sash windows have an extensive range of highly secure and quality assured fixtures to choose from. The sash window security range includes some of the most innovative products in the industry like the Securibead, a high strength, ultra secure, parting bead.

    Home window security is one of the most important aspects of any secure home as many thieves will attempt to break in through windows. Our range of casement and sash window locks are designed to both keep criminals out and look incredibly stylish within the home. Our range of locking sash window fasteners will ensure that the window cannot be pried open from the outside while our excellent espag window locks provide security that complements a beautiful room.

    The door is another key area that is targeted by criminals and as such we only provide the very finest in door security hardware. For a start, we supply prosecure door handles that are purposely designed to protect the locking mechanism and cannot be easily damaged due to their quality build and strong metal faceplates. If you want to go even further in protecting your door then simply add our range of ABS locks which provide the highest possible level of door lock security. This range is specifically designed to avoid common lock weak points such as snapping and bumping.

    Whenever you need the best, make sure that you visit Mighton and check out or full range of sash balances, sash cord and bi fold door hardware.

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